Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Random again...

I'm pms-ing so i'm damn emo damn tired damn sleepy grrr.... why women need to suffer from period cramp every month?! T_______T

I saw him signed in MSN just now, i don't know why i was so happy when i see him signing in. how? i think i've fallen in love with him already. hahahah.... okay i know it's a lousy joke. no better jokes already so forgive me >.<

Remember the post i blogged about some users i met who made me angry?? well this morning i had similar case again :@
she was throwing her temper at me, as if the whole things are MY fault !!
okay let me tell you abit. supposely system sends notification emails everyday to respective supervisors and approvers, automatically. ( i 'm the one who did the coding and trigger the system to send emails) this Miss, she is the representative for certain supervisors so she said she received complaints that they din't receive the emails. i know why this happened so i was trying to explain to her. seriously i din't blame her cause i know this isn't anybody's fault lah. but anyway i thought of the need to let her know what causes the issue, so i really wanted to tell her. but while i'm trying to explain she kept complaining and mumbling and kept saying everything is MY fault !! haiz no point if she keeps blaming me cause it's not my fault wert to be exact... i think she knows why lah but why she don't want to admit it??
Come on lah it's just Tuesday and it's only 8+ in the morning and i had this kind of issue happened already.. sighh....damn sad lah.
what to do i know it's part of working you don't have to tell me. just that i felt sometimes i need to defend myself. if it's really not my fault how can i accept right?

haih damn random lah this post. but how i love being random wo.... :p
okay need to get back to work @__@

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