Monday, May 5, 2008

Whatever will be, will be

Went yum char wif the girls last Saturday. sighh most of them said i've put on weight already T____T see i told you right in my previous blog. so what am i going to do now? NO i won't promise to lose more weight or eat less or exercise more or whatever reasons lah cause end up things remain the same or worst, even fatter / boo. so i will say just let everything natural as long as i'm healthy lah agree?

oo ya wanna update about baby City again. damn irritating ho ahaha.. yea finally i can laugh ;) the glass repaired already but has not tinted yet at the moment. also she's not pretty anymore cause there was some brown paint at the bumper :( but nvm lah i know she will become pretty real soon cause will bring her for re-spray some time this week tee hee.... cost for this? nearly 500 bucks *sweat* the bf's dad paid for it, damn paiseh lah okay >.< anyway, may God bless this kind of cases WILL NOT happen again.

By the way there was this MISS-TAIPING-CONTEST thingy at town last weekend. i only came to know about this last Saturday haih too bad. how come i din't know any about this earlier on? seriously if i knew earlier i would have go register lo ^__^ even the girls also support me and ask me to participant next year :D okay i thanked them alot for supporting me ahaha.. but second thought i don't think i'm qualified lah.

1st: if i join next year i'll be 25 already lah wtf. so old already somemore want join meh? the oldest contestant during last night contest is 22, and the youngest is 17 omg.. so you tell me where to put my face ha @__@
2nd: most importantly my height and weight lah what else?! but weird there was a contestant whose height is 158cm, i thought the minimum height for beauty contest is 165cm?? i'm only 160cm so 5cm away =(( tell me how to achieve that 5cm more at my age now ahahah. and needless to mention about my weight already lah i think you know.

so 2 solid reasons are good enough for the judges to reject me boo. anyway there were 12 contestants last night but i only found 2/3 pretty :p the rest were just normal and some even kinda plump heheh... the bf and i watched the bridal catwalk and left at 9 smth. so i don't know who is the final Miss Taiping actually. well might check out tonight's paper to see the results.

sighh another working Monday why time flies so fast one? but i'm looking forward to this Saturday as i will be at KL woo hoo... Mid Valley, 1U, Sg Wang, Bangsar etc etc i'm coming!!!! ^__*


  1. eh Miss Taiping? Frist ever Miss Taiping? WOAh!! I'm excited man...yala, u should've join.. ;(

  2. ya u also dint hear before ho?? no la i dun1 join later people laugh ahaha..u la, can join.

  3. Got those Miss Taiping photos? Haha..

  4. kelv: haha too bad i dint take those photos..too many people standing in front, blocking my view liao >.<


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