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Day 3 & 4: Valencia, Spain

Day 3
It was the 3rd day of our trip!! we checked out from Princesa Sofia Hotel after our buffet breakfast. then we were driven to Tarragona and Castellon Plana. next our journey took us to the 3rd largest city of Spain (after Madrid and Barcelona), Valencia.
Castellon Plana is a historical city dating back to medieval times (13th century). it has an old town called Plaza Mayor that holds several landmarks such as the Concatedral de Santa Maria.

Pearl girl from Sabah, such an unique name right? ;) but luck wasn't on her side during the trip cause she and her hubby lost their luggage bag during the flight to Spain :( pitied them as they need to shop for clothes and toiletries once they reached Spain. but it was alright then as they were able to get their luggage back on the 4th day of the trip.

somewhere at Tarragona... (pardon me as i cannot remember the names of every places we went >.<)

this supposed to be some sort of unique picture but turned out so cacat @__@

it was so hot th…


Things have been different lately. I'm not the me i used to be. I'm no longer good at advising people or giving my opinion. I'm not good at being tolerant anymore. sigh what is wrong with me?!
And somebody please tell me why i'm feeling tired these days? i felt so sleepy and restless. and i'm very sad to say my p is delaying. i know its not regular but this time, its wayy too late omg! i've checked and its negative. (thank God for that) i've taken the pills daily as prescribed by the doctor but nothing seems to improved. i'm so worried i feel like crying :'( what am i gonna do??!

(p/s: yea i know i've been chased about the Spain's post. haiz sabar je lah i promise i will blog about it asap okay....)

Day 1 and 2: Barcelona, Spain

Okay i know i procrastinated this post. not that i don't want to blog about it but no time!! anyway, before i lost interest i better get it done. so here it is!!

We took 2310 flight on the 9th and reached Amsterdam airport at about 0600 (Spain's time). Recalling back i did nothing much on the plane for that 12 hours. can't really slept well and no nice movies to watch :( anyway, we transitted from Amsterdam to Barcelona in the same morning and reached Barcelona at about 9am. nice views from above ^__^

camwhoring in the plane...

Day one
Like i mentioned in the previous post it was raining upon our arrival @__@ but lucky it wasn't heavy. we had 2 bus drivers with us throughout the whole trip and our driver was Frelentino. next we went for city tour and our tour leader for that day was Sandra. she brought us around the town area and some of the must-visit places in Barcelona.
there are a lot of nice and very artistic buildings around the towns...most of them are real fine piec…