Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 3 & 4: Valencia, Spain

Day 3
It was the 3rd day of our trip!! we checked out from Princesa Sofia Hotel after our buffet breakfast. then we were driven to Tarragona and Castellon Plana. next our journey took us to the 3rd largest city of Spain (after Madrid and Barcelona), Valencia.
Castellon Plana is a historical city dating back to medieval times (13th century). it has an old town called Plaza Mayor that holds several landmarks such as the Concatedral de Santa Maria.

Pearl girl from Sabah, such an unique name right? ;) but luck wasn't on her side during the trip cause she and her hubby lost their luggage bag during the flight to Spain :( pitied them as they need to shop for clothes and toiletries once they reached Spain. but it was alright then as they were able to get their luggage back on the 4th day of the trip.

somewhere at Tarragona... (pardon me as i cannot remember the names of every places we went >.<)

this supposed to be some sort of unique picture but turned out so cacat @__@

it was so hot that day... i did sweat a little due to excess walking..

we had our lunch at restaurant Passadis. they serves mostly western food (obviously).

can hardly open my eyes -__-
camwhoring whenever possible!! ;D

had our dinner very early that day, i was not even hungry yet. next we headed to Holiday Inn to do our check-in. no more activities that night as everyone were tired already. so a few of us went for a drink at a cafe nearby instead.

Day 4
The driver brought us to Art and Science center this morning. the architecture is awesome!!

i'm in lurvee with lavender!! ^___*

clockwise: with Bannon, Ferdi, the bf and me, and with gang from Eepohh

the view damn nice right?! even nicer at night!! cause there will be lights and through reflection from the water, that white thingy will actually look like an eye 0_o

after that we were driven around the town area of Valencia, a city that is rich in argicultural and maritime resources.

me in the Lonja de la Seda (silk exchange in English)

we had our lunch at the hotel that day. then we were driven to the city to do our shopping!! the bf was so nice to offer to accompany me during the shopping ;) but too bad his patience faded towards the evening so i went shopping ALONE. *proud* can u imagine, being a tourist at this place, to walk and shop around, all by MYSELF!! i mean, what if i get lost and not able to assemble with the rest? u know lah not many there are able to speak fluent English. but anyway i was glad as i din't lost direction.

at the end of the day, i got myself a pair of sandal, few tops from Zara, some accesories and a pair of skinny jeans ;) also 2 tops for the boy.

dinner was served at 7pm at a chinese restaurant named Lu Cheng.

yay yammmm senggg..... :p

the boy was not willing to sleep early so he asked the pals to go for a drink at night.

l-r: Jimmy, me, the bf, Mr Ng, Colin, the guy from South Africa and Ms Tong

went to bed at about 12 that night. i was getting excited as we were leaving to Madrid the next day!!! ;)

Stay tune!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Things have been different lately. I'm not the me i used to be. I'm no longer good at advising people or giving my opinion. I'm not good at being tolerant anymore. sigh what is wrong with me?!
And somebody please tell me why i'm feeling tired these days? i felt so sleepy and restless. and i'm very sad to say my p is delaying. i know its not regular but this time, its wayy too late omg! i've checked and its negative. (thank God for that) i've taken the pills daily as prescribed by the doctor but nothing seems to improved. i'm so worried i feel like crying :'( what am i gonna do??!

(p/s: yea i know i've been chased about the Spain's post. haiz sabar je lah i promise i will blog about it asap okay....)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Day 1 and 2: Barcelona, Spain

Okay i know i procrastinated this post. not that i don't want to blog about it but no time!! anyway, before i lost interest i better get it done. so here it is!!

We took 2310 flight on the 9th and reached Amsterdam airport at about 0600 (Spain's time). Recalling back i did nothing much on the plane for that 12 hours. can't really slept well and no nice movies to watch :( anyway, we transitted from Amsterdam to Barcelona in the same morning and reached Barcelona at about 9am.
nice views from above ^__^

camwhoring in the plane...

Day one

Like i mentioned in the previous post it was raining upon our arrival @__@ but lucky it wasn't heavy. we had 2 bus drivers with us throughout the whole trip and our driver was Frelentino. next we went for city tour and our tour leader for that day was Sandra. she brought us around the town area and some of the must-visit places in Barcelona.
there are a lot of nice and very artistic buildings around the towns...most of them are real fine piece of art (sorry arr damn lots of photos so i combined several into one)

view from inside the bus when it was raining

Olympic ring at Barcelona

us outside La Sagrada Familia.
this is a giant temple designed by the master architect Antonio Gaudi. It has been under construction since 1882 and still got another 30 - 80 years to go before it will be finished. The reason it needs so long for contruction is because it's depending on funding and donations. plus it's huge and has very complicated designs!

yay yay these kids were so happy to see us ;D

Next we walked around town and visited some old church.

street artists at La Rambla Street. they actually wore that piece of heavy costumes on them throughout the whole day and expecting you to give them some money... and their make up skill damn pro lah!

my initial plan was just to take a simple photo with him by standing beside. but later on he offered me to hold his arm and so, i did!! hahah this guy damn funny you know he even joked to call me at night when the bf is sleeping (shhh...) :p

one of the place you must visit if you are at Barcelona. MUST okay... this is the famous food market at La Rambla Street. there are a lot of stalls inside selling seafood, fruits, candies, chocolates, meats etc etc and all the stalls are damn clean and the arrangement is so nice don't you think?! so colourful how can i resist?

oh yummy yummy fruits... my favourite!! ;)

porks at food market. at first i thought their famous type of meat is steak or lamb but i was wrong. porks are actually their common meal.

all sorts of chocolates at a very reasonable price ^__*

and spanish are great dog lovers!! i saw a lot of spanish bringing their dogs for morning and evening walks. and their dogs are so cuTeeee and obedient. some even waited outside while their owners were shopping! omg omg....

after few hours of city tour we checked in to our hotel in the evening and the hotel we stayed is Princesa Sofia. whoa the hotel damn nice, 5 star baby... ;D
we were supposed to gather at the lobby at 6.45pm for dinner so i din't plan to nap. but due to extreme tiredness i felt asleep on the bed =_= but dear's sudden awaken woke me up as well and it was already 6.35pm omg!! we both rushed like hell to bath and changed, lucky we were only 5 minutes late and there were others who were even later than us pheww....
Dinner for the day was tapas (famous appetizers in Spanish cuisine) @ Marina Moncho near the Olympic port.
us at Marina Moncho restaurant with those yummy dishes...

sunset comes late in Spain. believe it or not it was already 9pm when i took this photo but the sky was still very bright @__@ sunrise was at about 6 in the morning during summer. to summarize, day times are longer than nights in Spain.

i was here!! 0_o

l-r: the bf, myself, Jess, Hou and Jackie

next we headed back to the hotel to have a good rest so to have greater energy for the activities next day!

Day Two
Buffet breakfast in the hotel at 8am. then we were driven to Costa Brava which often translated as 'wild coast'. it offers modern resorts on the shoreline, traditional Spanish villages, colourful annual fiestas and a variety of architecture and bars, cafes, museums and also art galleries. we also passed by the coastline of the Costa Brava along the Mediterranean Sea in Catalonia. in the hotel room before departure

beautiful panorama view besides the sea.... and it was so cold!!!

sandy beach
the one i love... ;)

with Jimmy, Lim and Mr Ng...

Ms Tong, a very nice lady from Summit Holidays

our next destination was La Roca Village. it's a street/place filled with several restaurants, cafes and factory outlets. i was told that some brands available are Timberland, Miss Sixty, Burberry, Loewe, Woman's Secret, Kipling, Versace etc etc.. knowing this i was damn excited already hehe... anyway we went for lunch first at a restaurant named La Fonda. then we were given few hours to shop around the place. My initial plan was to look for bags but towards the end of the day i couldn't find any because...most bags are too pricey!! especially after i converted back to RM. so in the end, both the bf and i bought only a few tees and bottoms :(

some of the food for our lunch

having our sangria (a mixture of red wine and soda with some slices of lemon)

me outside La Fonda restaurant

one of my favourite picture!!

Dinner that day was at a restaurant named China 1903. wah i tell you this trip is fulled with meals. believe it or not i gained 2kg after the trip :'( plus we had a lot of steaks, pork, fries etc etc (heavy food). not forgetting, wine and liquor.

random pictures of us

We went for porno show at the same night opps....well its something very common there so i think no need to feel shy lah... seriously it was my first time watching this kind of thing live. it's actually a small club with a spinning stage in the center. everyone were allowed to order a drink per pax. okay no further description already and of cause no pictures for this event :\ The show finished at about 12am and then we were driven back to the hotel. *tired*

Well that was how we spent the first 2 days in Barcelona. Valencia was the second city we visited which i will blog about it soon. (i hope)

Okay its getting late time to say good night!!