Thursday, June 5, 2008


Darn i'm so sleepy now zzzz... can hardly open my eyes :\
all thanks to the uncle and aunty who woke me up at freaking 5 o'clock this morning!! i know nobody is perfect but they are just way too much!! they never ever being considerate about people in the house, not even for a day! all they care about is their own life. they always act like there's no one else in the house and talk loudly even late at night or early morning. they brag non stop about how good their sons treated them, how their grand daughters and sons make their life happier, how this how that.... eh if you are that happy and if those stories are true go stay with your son lah why wanna stay with us in this small house??! they occupy the whole fridge with seafood whenever the son is coming down to Taiping, they act like they are the only one who own the fridge and think that its absolutely reasonable to do like this. HELLO KL market don't sell seafood one is it??! they only tidy up their own room where as my mum (or me) is the one who go and clean everything in the house. where got people like that one??? i know they are the elderly i should respect them but that doesn't mean they can treat us this way!! GrRrrr...

Petrol upsurge again??!! what the.......................
everything is upsurging. what about our salary har? how to survive if our salary still remain the same? *sigh* Long strench of cars last night cause everyone were rushing to fill up their tanks. i heard accident happened cause people were tail-gating and many cars took short-cut/routes to the petrol station. haiz what's the point? it's not that the tank will remain full FOREVER =_= it only caused massive jams and even polices were there to direct the traffic. yea no joke! what if, you waited for 1 hour in the queue and when it's your turn, someone told you that 'petrol dah habis....!!' hahahah....

oo by the way i'm taking 9th night flight so shall be reaching Spain the next morning. guess i won't update so soon already so i'll see ya a week later! ;)
okay babai for now and have a fun and safe journey YorkMei! (ya i know :p)


  1. Go Spain!!! I wanna follow! So nice la ;)

    Yala yesterday I was stuck in the jam also wtf. And this morning I heard a malay guy said "Semalam beratur sampai gaduh. Dahla harga minyak naik, skrg nak keluar duit baiki cermin kereta pulak tu.."

    HAHAHAHAH!!!!! idiot.

  2. Cryst: hey sweet..
    hehe, wanna follow..come come :p
    yala what for go and jam wif ppl. waste time, energy and MONEYYY....=_=


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