Thursday, June 26, 2008


Things have been different lately. I'm not the me i used to be. I'm no longer good at advising people or giving my opinion. I'm not good at being tolerant anymore. sigh what is wrong with me?!
And somebody please tell me why i'm feeling tired these days? i felt so sleepy and restless. and i'm very sad to say my p is delaying. i know its not regular but this time, its wayy too late omg! i've checked and its negative. (thank God for that) i've taken the pills daily as prescribed by the doctor but nothing seems to improved. i'm so worried i feel like crying :'( what am i gonna do??!

(p/s: yea i know i've been chased about the Spain's post. haiz sabar je lah i promise i will blog about it asap okay....)

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