Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Buenos dias....

I'm back and i know you miss me hehe.... i miss you all too!! and most importantly, i miss the food here!! no doubt the food in Spain is nice but i think somehow our Asian tummy dint like it well.
but anyway, the trip is awesome!! Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid...i miss you already T___T how good if i can stay there for few more days :p
weather in Spain is nice, there was sunlight but the wind is cold. it was drizzling upon our arrival and it was how Spain welcome us @__@ according to our driver Frelentino, its been quite some time of no rain and thus, they were short of water supply and needed to import from else where.
but lucky we got enough water supply during the whole trip ;)

okay lah thats all for now got some tasks to catch up.
stay tune for more updates/photos okay?


  1. Welcome back. So envy you can travel to Spain. Lookin forward for ya update. By the way, do share some of the experience and some Spanish words perhaps?

  2. kelv: hehe..future u sure got chance one..;)
    ya, i wanted to blog about it too. but no time yet :( so gotto pay more patience >.<

  3. angeline: hehe tank kiew you....;)


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