Monday, June 2, 2008

Saturdays are not as happening as before...

Why are Saturdays nowadays seems to be so bored and unexciting? why is it just yum char, yum char and yum char?! is it because there is really no better things to do/no better places to go at Taiping? haih damn boring one every saturday night we sit at the same cafe, seeing the same faces and crapping around. and we leave at about 11++ only. HELLO its Saturday night how to go to bed so 'early'??

Anyway couting down to my Spain trip exactly 5 days. cant wait!!! :D but but how come the organizer still haven't fax/email us anything about the schedule? whats wrong? because of this i still haven't pack anything yet @__@

Some random pictures:
with falsies... sorry lah skill not good, can't really see. but better than my original lashes, my eye lashes are real short and scanty =((

hello i'm Walley...nice to meet you :p

this one is Fifi. fierce but loves to be petted.

last picture of the day. i've no idea why i look so cool here hehehe... and i realised my eye bag is so obvious T____________T


  1. Wow! You are going to Spain soon. So nice. It reminds me of "the rain in Spain..." - song of My Fair Lady. Take more photos to show us ya! Happy Holidays

  2. yan: thanks! yaya will do ;) such a song? never heard before... @__@

  3. When u wanna teach me to put those eye lashes???

  4. angeline: hehe very easy only...i m sure u ca do it!


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