Thursday, July 10, 2008

After a year & 2 months......

.... and finally she's back!! ;D
the one who fetched me to school every morning; the one who stays as cute and sweet as she always is; the one who is still so skinny; the one who always keep the hair so long and straight.....
yay yay Ai Bee is back from UK !!!! ^___*

taken in May 2007:

and this taken in July 2008:
any visible changes we both have?! ;)

testing testing with Crystal's handphone's quality. my camera went low batt wtf.... luckily we had her handphone with flash. otherwise, what does yum char means without taking photos tee hee.... quality not bad somemore ;)

top left: Crystal, Ai Bee
bottom left: Tingki, me, Seat Yen

Yen's delivery is this month end omg omg!!! cant wait to see her baby boy!! ;D ;D
but wait.... i looked like i'm pregnant too wtf. T____T

okay last picture of the day. ya lah i know the background is veryyy familiar.... we got no other better places to go already :(
oo i put my bangs to sideways cause they are too long i haven't got time to trim yet. so should i stick to straight-down bangs or sideway har?!

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