Monday, July 28, 2008

Back on track

I know i've gone MIA for a while.. it's too bad cause i got nothing fancy to blog about :/ my days are boring =(



Anyway, met up with the girls last Saturday.

camwhoring in the car :p

bottom left: me, Esther, Angeline
bottom right: Crystal, AiBee, AiSuan

same people, same place, only different angle wtf.. and in case you are wondering what we were holding, it's the very-small-but-so-cute elephant key chain that Ai Bee bought for us from Thailand. and the elephant got 2 legs only hahahah.

early breakfast with the boy on Sunday. then we went for a walk at lake garden, there was some fishing events there and was damn blardy hot!!

random photo of us ;)

you see lah why i said my days are boring... cause i only can show you 4 photos!! =(( how pathetic...
nonetheless a happy news i've got is that Yen gave birth to a baby boy last week omg omg!!! cant wait to see her baby but she said she need some rest first. so we'll visit her some time soon!!
seriously time flies its Monday again... okay gotto get back to work and hopefully i can blog more in the coming days ;)
Happie blue Monday!

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