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Day 5 & 6: Madrid, Spain

Back to my trip!! since this will be my final post about my fair-biu-lest Spain trip imma make it a little longer and fit in more photos k. ;)

Day 5

Taken when we were on the way to Madrid, a 3-4 hours ride from Valencia.

We went to this amazing place called Toledo.

i witnessed the world's BEST view here!! so amazing dont you think?! we actually stood on top of the hill and snapped all these photos.

i felt the sun was so near! it was a hot and windy day so i din't sweat alot :) we were allowed to stop there for 15 mins only cause needed to catch our lunch. so then we headed to this restaurant situated on top of the hill. i think it's the only restaurant there thats why it was very crowded.
our so-called 'nasi beriani' haha, pork chop and desserts.

the boy and me after the very-filling-lunch >.< burpppp....

then we went around town in Toledo.

she's a very talkative and friendly lady, Lily. we were standing in front of St Tome church.

the journey ended in the evening that day and we were driven to Hotel Husa Princesa to do our check-in. this is also another 5 star hotel we stayed *wink wink* dinner was served at a chinese restaurant named City Garden. next we went to one of the casino which was about 45 mins ride from City Garden. and i needed to hold my pee for that 45 mins omg!!
but i din't went into the casino cause not interested heheh. i went to the bar instead to have a drink together with the bf and Jacky.

hotel served us fruits somemore wheeee... yummy yummy! ;

Day 6

As usual we had our buffet breakfast in the hotel.

taken outside the hotel. a very breezy morning and i looked so pale :/

we reached a place named Segovia.

Segovia is famous for its Alcazar, a beautiful Medieval castle.

these are some of my favourite photos ;D the lavender are so nice! the tour members even asked us to come here to shot our wedding photo hahah...
with the aunties of the tour....

next the trip took us to Avila.
we had pork chop(again) as our lunch.

spot me spot me!! ^__^
the so called 'disneyland' in Madrid. i feel like i was shooting in front of a poster ;)

hahah self-timer in the room.

since it was our LAST dinner in the trip, so we were served with alot of yummy and special dinner at China King restaurant. first was the lobster, followed by abalone, veggies, pork, chicken and lastly, a giant crab! then we also had a birthday celebration for those whose birthday are in June. sighh i was kinda sad already by then cause thought of leaving Spain the next day :(

after dinner we continued our program which was Flamingo show at one of the restaurant in town. it was an 1 hour show and each of us were entitled one drink.
it was 9pm already and was still very bright.

a total of 4 ladies and 5 men were involved in the show.

when we back to our room that night, we saw 2 gift bags on our table. those were the souvernis given by Panasonic ;) ( will post the picts soon) so then i started to pack my luggages(unwillingly) and so lucky that we brought another extra luggage bag;)

Day 7

This was the last day in Spain :( we were scheduled to take 1635 flight to Amsterdam which means we needed to reach airport latest at 1435. which also means not much shopping this day :(

at Puerta Del Sol

then we visited the Royal Palace in Madrid.

the flowers are so nice can! ;)

me in front of the palace. no camera is allowed in the palace so we snapped more photos outside.

l-r: Hou, Jess, Jacky, me, the bf, Mrs and Mr Guan.

oh i saw patron horses. they seems to be very fierce and unfriendly :S

but the boy asked me to approach them since the policia was there. so i did ;) hahah notice what the policia did to me.

2 more street artists we saw when we were ready to leave the palace. the 'gold lady' would blow her sweet kiss and dance to you if you give her money. but the white angel would remain silent.

then we proceeded to the Adidas (Real Madrid) outlet before having our lunch. Bannon allocated only 30 mins for us to shop there *sweat* at first i thought i won't have anything fancy to shop there so '30 mins is more than enough', i said to myself. but..... guess what?! i was the last one who boarded the bus and everyone were waiting for me, unpatiently. hey not that i shopped slow but it was the cashier's fault ok! he scanned and packed my goodies like real slow, like he havent eat for 3 days gRrrr....somemore requested me to show my passport this and that. somemore Jess and Jacky tumpang their shoes and asked me paid first. how can i not slow har?! but anyway i was able to get 2 caps, a pouch and a sling bag.

we had a very rushed lunch at Bamboo restaurant this afternoon cause needed to reach the airport on time. upon our arrival at the Madrid airport we bid farewell to our bus drivers :( and i knew we need to say babai to Spain too. so then we did our luggages checked-in and walked around the airport before boarding to the flight.

so again, we took the 12 hours flight back to KLIA. oo ya during the flight, i was sitting beside this old lady right...erm i think at her 60 s. she's a very fussy old lady ok! i first asked her kindly 'you wanna sit inside? (our seats were supposed to be at the center and window, and hers was at the aisle. we thought if she wanna sit near window we could exchange with her cause its easier to sit at the aisle, want go WC also easier ma....) but anyway i was just asking, merely just asking. then she exclaimed 'NOOOO!!!! of cause NOO...i purposely requested to sit at the aisle there's no way i will exchange with you!' bla bla bla... and i went '.......'. HELLO aunty i was just asking ok it's not that i pointed a gun at you to force you! GrRrrr...

Well, thats all about my Spain trip.. sigh time flies real fast i'm still missing it alot, even at this very moment! it was a very unforgettable and wonderful experience for me, seeing different things and culture, dining different dishes and cuisine, meeting new people bla bla bla... oh Spain how i wish to see you again!! ;D

te echo de menos Spain!


  1. Really nice pics! Thanks! Must include it on my list of to dos.

  2. daryl: hello!! u're welcome;)

  3. Hello Hayley!
    Did you take pictures of your hotel room? Usually when I travel, I love to take pictures of my room and the view from my window. It kind of gives me inspiration for my dream house as in 'fat mong' (发梦) and not 'mong xiong' (梦想) ^^,

  4. Pikachu: hello!
    yaya of cos i took those hotel room's picture! just that i dint upload. the one i wrote self-timer one is actually one of the view ;)


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