Monday, July 14, 2008

I always have blue Mondays :(


why S**V**S***E got so many these kind of users one??!!
i know lah she is famous of her attitude and ke-nenek-an but why??? why is she liddat??! gRrrr...
she called up and asked me to check something for her. after figuring out what happened so i told her whats the problem and causes. she don't wanna listen to me somemore raised her voice like she is my boss, somemore don't trust me, somemore admit she is always right blab blab.....
eh if YOU don't trust me please don't come and look for me okay?! i will be veryyy thankful and would HIGHLY APPRECIATE if YOU don't call me. wanna ask for my help somemore don't trust me so what's the point??
then you know what really pissed me off? IT'S WHEN SHE THREATEN ME THAT SHE WILL HIGHLIGHT THE ISSUES TO HER BELOVED BOSS IF THE ISSUES STILL REMAINS UNSOLVED. HELLO you think i am GOD or GENIUS is it how can YOU expect the things to be solved in split seconds??? i don't even know what happened yet! if i am a genius i don't have to sit and work here already okay! >=(
what i'm asking is just a little bit more patience and please talk politely cause it's YOU who ask for a favor from me. am i being too much or what?! is it very difficult for a person to listen and try to accept what others are thinking?


  1. Cool down~ Working life is like this especially when facing those customers and users. They always think that they are always right and have lotsa nonsenses. So, don't care them so much. Just do your part and do it well so that you can shut her mouth off, LOL!

    Be happy and relax!If mad too much will get old very fast! Don't because of nonsenses users spoil your beauty. Haha!


  2. yoong yoong: yea i totally understand what u r saying.
    but jz that i wanna release my ke-tension-nan ma...hehe. sometimes i really feel pissed off and cant control myself from getting angry.
    anyway thx alot love! ;)

  3. Coll baby. Later u'll get used to it...

  4. angeline, yea i know.
    thanks anyway ;)


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