Monday, July 21, 2008

Mah great weekend ;)

HELLO peeps!

its another Monday sigh...
but weekend was great! ;))
however, we din't manage to watch the Bon Odori festival last Saturday (as planned) :/ thanks to the freaking bad jam and the difficulties to find parking... well, i know we can't complain too much also cause we reached Penang kinda late. the event started at 6pm but we reached at 8++ @___@ so, we could only watched the thing from far while we were stucked in jam (yea, we passed by the venue). i was the ONYL ONE who insisted wanna go inside and take a look. so i lose :( then we headed to Red Garden to have our dinner.

ooiii not yet ready lah...

okay ready
then we walked to Glo which is only about 5 minutes away from Red Garden. we were hesitated and undecided whether to go Glo or SS or Mois. but after much debates and comparison we decided to try Glo ;))

us with our very-nice-and-funny cow horns...

crazy Boon

the boy and me (while we were still sober)

Nickson and Ting

Tony and Ling

l-r: me, Ting, Ling and Xin

opps... sorry to Tony and Far, not managed to snap you guys properly :/

the all-time-very-good-brothers
two bottles of Chivas aint very enough. so the boy ordered another bottle, and this was the reason why he puked hahaha.. so lucky that i din't! if i puked who s gonna look after the poor him?! anyway he is forgiven despite the troubles he brought to us, cause i knew he enjoyed himself very much that night o____0
we danced alot that night, but was tired. sighh age is limiting us from doing what we can do best. we left the club at 3 in the morning and headed back to Boon's house.

woke up at 8 the next day and headed to have our breakfast at somewhere near Jln Mouelin.

mah yummy chee cheong fun

next stop, Gurney Plaza. we watched Batman The Dark Knight. i have to say HEATH LEDGER WAS WAYY TOO AWESOME OKAY!! i seriously think he overshadowed Christian Bale in this movie. i nearly teared when i watched him cause he's now dead. such a waste okay.... T____T he can't see how good he was in the movie and he don't know how people loves his character :((
no doubt he was a very bad and cruel joker but i'm sure everyone have to agree that he was damn blardy good!! but i like Christian Bale too cause of his so macho punya voice and did i say HEATH LEDGER WAS DAMN GOOD! *wink wink*

the joker himself
back home in the evening and was worn out. nonetheless i did enjoy myself very much and i bet the guys did too ^___*
so guys when's our next trip?! :p


  1. Fantastic post there. Great weekend you had.

  2. Thanks Kelv. ;)
    how bout urs? seldom see u blog nowadays ....:(


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