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Omg i've just got the greatest joke of the month!! ;D
A friend of mine, (let's call him A) told me last week that he wanted to ask me something in private, through msn. so happened that i was msn-ing with him this morning.

me: ok so what u wanna ask me?
A: err, its abit....., very ..... i'm shy la....
me: ...... very wat?? ask la, u make me curious.
A: ok, hope u dun mind i say this...

and then i managed to capture some of our conversation...

hahahaha.... okay for those of you who don't know mandarin, letmi tell you what happened. A's friend (let's call him B) told A that he once had a one-night-stand. then B saw my photo in A's handphone and he claimed that ' this is the girl who had a one-night-stand with me'. okay so i happened to be ' the girl' he was refering to. HAHAHAHAHAH wtf when did i had one-night-stand before wtf HAHAHAHAH!!! i don't know why, this suppose to be a frightening and bad news but i found it so funny muahaha i couldn't …

For you...

I've always thought our relationship will be better ever since i come back. But.. things changed.

i really din't mean to treat you like that last night. and i simply won't apologise. i mean, why would I? afterall it's not me who caused the conflict.

you see, i don't mind if you are asking your friends along for dinner. what i was mad at is the way u treated me. you could have at least ask/inform me first before you made that call. i just wanna spend more time with you, just the two of us. cause somehow, we are seeing the rest AT LEAST thrice a week!
i know you love being with them. i know. nonetheless i believe we need times for our own too. but all you care about is to invite your friend along. okay fine, i'm trying my best to please and tolerant with you. but please pay a lil respect and care for my concerns. i wish you will ask me first before you go and call up your friends. at least by doing this, i'll feel better cause i know you respect me and sees me a…


Poor Lee Chong Wei T____T
felt kinda sad for him when i was watching him played last night.
muka-pressured >.<

couldn't hear Negaraku anthem to be played :(
no holiday for us :(

but never mind Lee, you did your best and we are still proud of you cause at least you brought us silver medal!! (haiyah be contented okay) cause this Lin Dan was damn geng okay. but regardless of his great skill i still don't like him cause he is damn lansi.
did you see him changed every shuttlecocks after each play? did you see him threw his racket and oo-so-expensive shoes away at the end of the match? i wonder why he din't threw his shirt away too hmm.... :p

okay let's call it a day wanna go home now babai~

Tagging time

I was blog hopping and found this tag.
It says:
1.Answer the questions below, do a Google Image search with your answer, take a picture from the first page of results, and do it with minimal words of explanation.
2. Tag 5 other people to do the same once you’ve finished answering every question. ( i'll tag anyone who read this)
So here it goes:

1. The Age you'll be on your next birthday:

2. A place you’d like to travel to:

need i say more?
3. Your favourite place: a very relaxing bedroom =) 4. Your favourite food:
scream its ice cream!! 5. Your favourite pet:
awww... cats...^__* 6. Your favourite colour combination:
blue is the new black 7. Your favourite piece of clothing: hot shorts

skinny jeans

8. Your all-time favourite song:
Dangerous - Akon
9. Your favourite TV show:
all time favourite ;)
10. First name of your significant other/crush:
hahaha 11. The town in which you live: Taiping, my love 12. Your screen name/nickname: Hayley Westenra 13. Your first job: part timer as tailor assis…


Okay this is going to be the most random post i've ever blog haha. I was browsing through My Pictures folder last night and realised that it's almost a year since my graduation... and then i also came across some old pictures that i realised i've never post them up ;)

okay let's start with my graduation day photos:

this is the very-usual-every-year-scene you can find outside Dewan Tunku Cansellor(DTC)

my hometown besties came to send their best wishes!! mwwahh...


they are the best coursemates you can ever find =) awww gals i miss you all =( okay ladies and gentlemen here comes the most chi-kek part of the day. i'm not sure whether this is famous at other university but it's definetely popular at UM. every graduates would get a chance to get 'thrown' by those juniors and it's hundred times more exciting than taking a roller coaster ride ok I SWEAR!!! ^__^

getting ready in position..

1..2..3.. throw!!! i swear this was…


Dear friends (you know who you are) :

Did i surprised you yesterday? hehe :p you must be wondering why i wanted to drink? i mean its weekday afterall.
well thats because of some issues that i've gone through during work yesterday. i kept thinking about them whole day. and i find it hard to put a smile on my face =(
so i thought of alcohol ;))
okay i admit that (sometimes) alcohol does make me happy ^___*
but don't worry, i'm as fine and dandy as i can be today ;D
i know tomorrow will be better and somehow, somewhere, a better opportunity is there for me!!
. .
i found this this morning that makes me even happier =))
omg lolcats is so addictive!!

*lmao* and this is why i lurvee cats!! ;) meow.....

Terrible weather...SOS!

I'm so grumpy today. mood aint good =(( plus i was questioned by big boss this morning. >=(
i woke up at 1am, only to find that i was sweating like a pig. weather is terribly hot! it sucks... and then i hardly fell asleep already. i'm not sure what time exactly did i sleep back. what i know is that i'd rather sleep on the floor than on the matress. ya know having to stay awake all night is so suffering!!
as a result, i came to work like a zombie today. dah lah i already sleepless, big boss somemore questioned me this and that @___@
- - -
hmmm...not much photos lately. sigh where did my enthusiasm for photos have gone nowadays?! =____=

syok sendiri last weekend

the boy looked so cool here.. so we took another one

haiz still failed... muka lansi here... sigh no improvement at all !! :p

photo from last 2 weeks ;) thats all. no more further updates so far =(( babai~