Monday, August 18, 2008


Poor Lee Chong Wei T____T
felt kinda sad for him when i was watching him played last night.
muka-pressured >.<

couldn't hear Negaraku anthem to be played :(
no holiday for us :(

but never mind Lee, you did your best and we are still proud of you cause at least you brought us silver medal!! (haiyah be contented okay) cause this Lin Dan was damn geng okay. but regardless of his great skill i still don't like him cause he is damn lansi.
did you see him changed every shuttlecocks after each play? did you see him threw his racket and oo-so-expensive shoes away at the end of the match? i wonder why he din't threw his shirt away too hmm.... :p

okay let's call it a day wanna go home now babai~


  1. HAHA but then hor, but then hor..I'm actually quite happy whenever China scored a gold wtf I damn Chinese one ok! :P

    Wo men shi cong guo ren!

  2. wtf Cryst never know u so chinese one!
    ok la i know we are zhong guo ren but still hoping msia to win ma.. :p


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