Thursday, August 21, 2008

For you...

I've always thought our relationship will be better ever since i come back. But.. things changed.

i really din't mean to treat you like that last night. and i simply won't apologise. i mean, why would I? afterall it's not me who caused the conflict.

you see, i don't mind if you are asking your friends along for dinner. what i was mad at is the way u treated me. you could have at least ask/inform me first before you made that call. i just wanna spend more time with you, just the two of us. cause somehow, we are seeing the rest AT LEAST thrice a week!
i know you love being with them. i know. nonetheless i believe we need times for our own too. but all you care about is to invite your friend along. okay fine, i'm trying my best to please and tolerant with you. but please pay a lil respect and care for my concerns. i wish you will ask me first before you go and call up your friends. at least by doing this, i'll feel better cause i know you respect me and sees me as your girlfriend.
and i was showing you my unhappy face last night and all you care to do is saying DON'T LIKE THAT LA..... then have you ever thought of in order for me to 'DON'T LIKE THAT LA', you should do something?? you could have tell me you won't do this again next time or something to comfort me..
this is not the first time this thing happened i swear. and i tink i have given you enough hints and even told you few times before. but what's the points? you are repeating the same mistakes and all you care is to say DONT LIKE THAT LA.

tsk! tsk!

i know, nobody is perfect. everybody make mistakes. but you are repeating the same mistakes until it make me feel hopeless. until it sickens me.
i always think that no matter how many times i told you how i feel, or what i wish you could do, you never take it seriously. you might listened carefully to my concerns but then they are gone the next day. then you will repeat the same mistakes again and again.

i think it's time to re-evaluate the suitability to getting marry that soon. of cause i don't wanna lose you baby but i think we need some more times. a friend of mine told me ' if things aren't that sweet before marriage, then they won't get any better after marriage'. okay i think this can be quite true.

and why are girls tend to worry so much compare to guys? even if there are conflicts between the two of us but you still can carry on and pretend like nothing happen. but me? keep thinking about them and cry myself to bed... God if there is 'next life' i think i will choose to be a guy...:p

this post is for you my dear. if you see this i hope you will understand my feeling and take things seriously. i'm trying my best to save our relationship and making it better...i hope you do too.

5 years 4 days and am still counting......

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