Thursday, August 28, 2008


Omg i've just got the greatest joke of the month!! ;D
A friend of mine, (let's call him A) told me last week that he wanted to ask me something in private, through msn. so happened that i was msn-ing with him this morning.

me: ok so what u wanna ask me?
A: err, its abit....., very ..... i'm shy la....
me: ...... very wat?? ask la, u make me curious.
A: ok, hope u dun mind i say this...

and then i managed to capture some of our conversation...

okay for those of you who don't know mandarin, letmi tell you what happened.
A's friend (let's call him B) told A that he once had a one-night-stand. then B saw my photo in A's handphone and he claimed that ' this is the girl who had a one-night-stand with me'. okay so i happened to be ' the girl' he was refering to.
HAHAHAHAHAH wtf when did i had one-night-stand before wtf HAHAHAHAH!!!
i don't know why, this suppose to be a frightening and bad news but i found it so funny muahaha i couldn't stop laughing my ass out!!!! ;D ;D ;D
okay okay let's get serious now... frankly i don't know why B said i was 'the girl' he messed with, i don't even know him!
all right let's assume he was drunk that time and he didn't know who the hell he had a one-night-stand with? then when he saw my photo in A's cell he actually mistaken that 'i' am the one?
hmm...this is probably the reason. no, this IS the reason! well i'm not blaming him cause there are look-alike people in this world and probably he was just messing with a girl who look like me!
okay end of story. thank you A your news made my day wtf.


  1. laughed ur ass out... huhu. so is it back to where its suppose to be?


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