Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Okay this is going to be the most random post i've ever blog haha. I was browsing through My Pictures folder last night and realised that it's almost a year since my graduation... and then i also came across some old pictures that i realised i've never post them up ;)

okay let's start with my graduation day photos:

this is the very-usual-every-year-scene you can find outside Dewan Tunku Cansellor(DTC)

my hometown besties came to send their best wishes!! mwwahh...


they are the best coursemates you can ever find =) awww gals i miss you all =(
okay ladies and gentlemen here comes the most chi-kek part of the day. i'm not sure whether this is famous at other university but it's definetely popular at UM. every graduates would get a chance to get 'thrown' by those juniors and it's hundred times more exciting than taking a roller coaster ride ok I SWEAR!!! ^__^

getting ready in position..

1..2..3.. throw!!! i swear this was me in the picture and please don't get shocked cause you can't see where was my head and arms hahaha... and right at that very moment i felt like i was gonna dropped at the floor and hurt myself wtf. but then i know i should trust them cause they promised to catch me when i'm fall tee hee.

okay still in the process.. haha please don't laugh at me i know i looked so weird here... covered my mouth and can't help myself from screaming!!

these are the strongest and powerful guys you can find at UM... :p (and this is how the hair look like after the event)
besides i've also learned that you don't have to wear full make up to your convocation cause they are going to melt anyway hahaha.. it was damn hot and was sweating like a pig. that white blouse i was wearing was totally wet can see my br* somemore *shy*
so 09/09/2007 is the date i will never forget in my whole life!! ;D
moving on, Genting trip with the girls last October. (happened to be my post birthday celebration too)

the boy and me

sayangzz sayangzz sekalian..

haha acted cool :p
Langkawi trip last December

me at forgot-the-name pulau :p

us at the underwater world Langkawi
more pictures here and here
and i was thinking whether straight hair suits me more or curly hair?hmm...

haha this picture damn weird... was syok sendiri in the fitting room :p

but i think i prefer myself with curly hair lah ;))
till next time~


  1. I was being thrown that way too, but then I wasn't that lucky. The juniors managed to hold only my waist line upwards. So my buttocks were fell flat on the ground. So embarassing. I find u look sexy and wild with curly hair and decent with straigh hair.

  2. wah that was painful huh...did they apologized hehe...;)
    hmm..think gonna keep with curly hair =)


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