Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Terrible weather...SOS!

I'm so grumpy today. mood aint good =(( plus i was questioned by big boss this morning. >=(
i woke up at 1am, only to find that i was sweating like a pig. weather is terribly hot! it sucks... and then i hardly fell asleep already. i'm not sure what time exactly did i sleep back. what i know is that i'd rather sleep on the floor than on the matress. ya know having to stay awake all night is so suffering!!
as a result, i came to work like a zombie today. dah lah i already sleepless, big boss somemore questioned me this and that @___@

hmmm...not much photos lately. sigh where did my enthusiasm for photos have gone nowadays?! =____=

syok sendiri last weekend

the boy looked so cool here.. so we took another one

haiz still failed... muka lansi here... sigh no improvement at all !! :p

photo from last 2 weeks ;)
thats all. no more further updates so far =((

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