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Friends for life

Another pleasant gathering with my loves(@ Old Town) last weekend =)) ever since the new mall opened, we have greater places for our gathering already.. no more prima cafe or olden day tee hee... ain't you happy? ;D
after lunch we went loitering around the mall and we met so many old friends!! (ok la not so many it's about 3 only :S) WK is working for Digi promotion and CO is working part time for Gintell. next we met Bee Leng whom i thought i have lost total contact for the rest of my life wtf.. seriously it's already 8 years since we last met. she left school at Form 4 then she went disappeared..
anyway fate brought us all together last Saturday and we have some chit chat.. she is just a year elder than me and already is a mother of 3 omg!!! her youngest kid is 3 years old and the eldest is 7. =__=

tell me should i feel ashamed?!

l-r: Jenny, Yen, AiBee
omg i love this picture so much they looked pretty /shy

l-r: me, Khim, Angeline

waving to the camera girl ;p

my bff(s) minus …

How to be a celebrity

*not going to meet the boy tonight, gotto suffer another lonely night..T____T i hate being alone. i feel so empty..*

Was blog hopping and found out this amazing site. It makes you become a celebrity face instantly! ;p
very easy.. just go and sign up with this site then upload an image of youself. then you can start morphing!
it's fun i swear!

Rosa Mcgowan and me

this is easy... just think of stars are blind...

this is even easier!! one of Charlie's girls...

Hayley Hamasaki

Spidey's favourite girl

Hayley Love Hewitt

Avril La Hayley

Amanda Ong

Okay try to guess this one. very easy only!! ;D
Know the answer?! ;p and the weekend is here peeps!! I m looking forward for the yum char session tomorrow noon with my loves and also Theng's house warming partey at night! ;) not forgetting, Hatyai trip next week! =) =) =) Enjoy your weekend people!!

I miss you

He was only away for 2 days, but i m already missing him T__T

come back quick!!!


When you are bored, and when you don't feel like working...
well perhaps you can visit
(warning: it can be very addictive ;p)
I've created a few sets for the past few weeks...

from some pricess-look....

to something sporty..
to something sexy..
to something girlie..

and to something casual..

and my favourite set of all.... TADAAA!!!

nice kan nice kan?? ^___*
(p/s: don't worry, i created them either during my off-work hours or lunch time;) )

Money No Enough II

Have you watch? it's so damn touching, i cried a few times watching it T___T

Frankly i couldn't remember much of the story in part I but i have to say part II is way nicer and touching. The sons take advantages on the old mother she is very pityful =( but despite all these she is still very much concern and love them.
It portrays alot of reality life nowadays. A society where people could do just anything to earn money, and use dirty tricks to cheat others; a society where people are too busy with their own life, until there's no time to look after the elderly thus send them to the old folks home; a society where we hardly see respect for the elder people....Go watch and you'll know...

Hi iz me!

1. I'm back for some updates! ^___^

2. It's dad's birthday soon.. hmm.. i'm wondering what to give?! any ideas?

3. The gals are planning for Hatyai/Cameron trip this Raya holiday... hopefully it's something i can look forward to ;)

4. Watched 10 episodes of Forensic Heroes II in a day omg it's so addictive!! ;D and 'Ivan' is so damn cute can i marry him?? ;p

5. Gathering with the gals at Starbucks last weekend, then headed to lake garden for some candles moment.

muffin zai~~ he is getting cuter and much more tamer already =)

pardon for the poor quality of photo. perhaps it's time for a new camera hunny? ;p

angeline and me

us and our smiley face on floor :)
6. Hmmm... i guess that's all. Happy blue monday peeps!

It's a good month

First of all, congratulations to Crystal ! she is now officially crowned as Mrs Set!! ;))

registration started at about 10am. we were there at 1030. total of 7 pairs for the registration.

isn't she sweet? =)

the couples.

okay don't ask me when is my turn. you'll know when the time comes ;p

leng lui s sekalian.
l-r: ting, macy, me, Crystal, Tingki, Angeline

congrats once again!

the ceremony

exchanging ring

while waiting...

last but not least, group photo before the registration ends.

Merdeka weekend

Pardon me for the lack of updates. was away to KL last weekend.
hmm... din't snap much photos this time. probably cause of the plump face hahah >.<
30/8/08 Merdeka eve

doings 1: departed to KL in the morning. headed to 1U in the afternoon and had our lunch later at Dragon I.
time spent: 3 hours
hunts for the day: NONE!!

doings 2: dinner at Paddington house of pancake at The Curve. and walked around the street.
time spent: 3 hours

the bf's lamb chop

Siew Li and i, and our pancakes

we did nothing much in the first day. went to bed early instead. while others were countdown-ing merdeka i was sleeping already haha :p
31/8/08 Merdeka

doings I: up early in the morning. had dim sum at Damansara then headed to Sunway Pyramid. i know you know this already but letmi tell those who don't know yet :p their parking damn convenient got red and green light.. so you don't have to search for hours to find a parking! ;))
time spent: 2-3 hours
hunts for the day: lingerie, Baker's cottage m…