Monday, September 29, 2008

Friends for life

Another pleasant gathering with my loves(@ Old Town) last weekend =)) ever since the new mall opened, we have greater places for our gathering already.. no more prima cafe or olden day tee hee... ain't you happy? ;D
after lunch we went loitering around the mall and we met so many old friends!! (ok la not so many it's about 3 only :S) WK is working for Digi promotion and CO is working part time for Gintell. next we met Bee Leng whom i thought i have lost total contact for the rest of my life wtf.. seriously it's already 8 years since we last met. she left school at Form 4 then she went disappeared..
anyway fate brought us all together last Saturday and we have some chit chat.. she is just a year elder than me and already is a mother of 3 omg!!! her youngest kid is 3 years old and the eldest is 7. =__=

tell me should i feel ashamed?!

l-r: Jenny, Yen, AiBee
omg i love this picture so much they looked pretty /shy

l-r: me, Khim, Angeline

waving to the camera girl ;p

my bff(s) minus Crystal, Tingki, Samantha, Esther and Cat :(
Also, attended Theng's house warming party at night. but no photos for this cause apparently, we were busy eating, drinking and singing ;p
can't wait for the long strench of holidays!! ;D wheee~
enjoy your holidays and selamat hari raya!!

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