Monday, September 15, 2008

Hi iz me!

1. I'm back for some updates! ^___^

2. It's dad's birthday soon.. hmm.. i'm wondering what to give?! any ideas?

3. The gals are planning for Hatyai/Cameron trip this Raya holiday... hopefully it's something i can look forward to ;)

4. Watched 10 episodes of Forensic Heroes II in a day omg it's so addictive!! ;D and 'Ivan' is so damn cute can i marry him?? ;p

5. Gathering with the gals at Starbucks last weekend, then headed to lake garden for some candles moment.

muffin zai~~ he is getting cuter and much more tamer already =)

pardon for the poor quality of photo. perhaps it's time for a new camera hunny? ;p

angeline and me

us and our smiley face on floor :)
6. Hmmm... i guess that's all. Happy blue monday peeps!


  1. u got such a good camera! may i ask wut kinda is it?? =P

  2. jesmakeup, it is Olympus FE series. but this one was a model 2 years ago..
    there are even more nicer and hi quality models now!


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