Friday, September 26, 2008

How to be a celebrity

*not going to meet the boy tonight, gotto suffer another lonely night..T____T i hate being alone. i feel so empty..*

Was blog hopping and found out this amazing site. It makes you become a celebrity face instantly! ;p
very easy.. just go and sign up with this site then upload an image of youself. then you can start morphing!
it's fun i swear!

Rosa Mcgowan and me

this is easy... just think of stars are blind...

this is even easier!! one of Charlie's girls...

Hayley Hamasaki

Spidey's favourite girl

Hayley Love Hewitt

Avril La Hayley

Amanda Ong

Okay try to guess this one. very easy only!! ;D
Know the answer?! ;p
and the weekend is here peeps!! I m looking forward for the yum char session tomorrow noon with my loves and also Theng's house warming partey at night! ;)
not forgetting, Hatyai trip next week! =) =) =)
Enjoy your weekend people!!


  1. Crazy ler u...just 2 days he is not at Tpg....But for me i will too...he he he

  2. angeline, this is not crazy ler...this is normal ;p

  3. You found this from

  4. hahah that's soOoo cool! ima check this site out =)

  5. simon, yup ;)
    jes make up, so have you created a few?


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