Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Merdeka weekend

Pardon me for the lack of updates. was away to KL last weekend.
hmm... din't snap much photos this time. probably cause of the plump face hahah >.<
30/8/08 Merdeka eve

doings 1: departed to KL in the morning. headed to 1U in the afternoon and had our lunch later at Dragon I.
time spent: 3 hours
hunts for the day: NONE!!

doings 2: dinner at Paddington house of pancake at The Curve. and walked around the street.
time spent: 3 hours

the bf's lamb chop

Siew Li and i, and our pancakes

we did nothing much in the first day. went to bed early instead. while others were countdown-ing merdeka i was sleeping already haha :p

31/8/08 Merdeka

doings I: up early in the morning. had dim sum at Damansara then headed to Sunway Pyramid. i know you know this already but letmi tell those who don't know yet :p their parking damn convenient got red and green light.. so you don't have to search for hours to find a parking! ;))
time spent: 2-3 hours
hunts for the day: lingerie, Baker's cottage mooncakes

doings II: Mid Valley next!! =)
time spent: 3 hours++
hunts for the day: Hush Puppies flats for the boy

doings III: steamboating at Yuen, Sunway
time spent: 2 and half hour ( exactly one hour for queueing @__@)

doings IV: clubbing with the gurls at Sanctuary, The Curve
time spent: 4 hours+

sorry for the tired face :S

l-r: me, Cat, KarYean, HueyLee, Sam

doings I: had bak kut teh as brunch, then to Low Yat and Sg Wang.
time spent: 5 hours
hunts for the day: babydoll tee, dress and heels ;D

i'm awaiting the next holiday to come... which is Raya i suppose. =)
Have a great week ahead people!


  1. hahaha lol u so cute la.. so headint o kl again during raya?

  2. cryst, why you said i m cutee?? *shy*
    erm..i hope so. hoping to go KL next month, but not sure my pocket allow or not @___@

  3. The pancake with ice-cream looks tempting .... am hungry now >.< *drooling*

  4. yvonne, yea, there are nice!! but slightly fattening hahaha.. :S

  5. Don't know why until now I haven't step my foot into Paddington Pancake before lol, maybe because of the steep price or I am not a pancake person.

  6. simon, hmm...may be u shud gif it a try some day.. since we need to eat evryday right?! :p


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