Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Money No Enough II

Have you watch? it's so damn touching, i cried a few times watching it T___T

Frankly i couldn't remember much of the story in part I but i have to say part II is way nicer and touching. The sons take advantages on the old mother she is very pityful =( but despite all these she is still very much concern and love them.

It portrays alot of reality life nowadays. A society where people could do just anything to earn money, and use dirty tricks to cheat others; a society where people are too busy with their own life, until there's no time to look after the elderly thus send them to the old folks home; a society where we hardly see respect for the elder people....

Go watch and you'll know...


  1. yup angeline, i got the dvd. if my dad finish watching already then i bring to you 2mr ok? ;)

  2. I just watched it too!
    Their words were comical but for sure we have to give praise to Lai Ming (the mother) for her great acting! Very convincing!

  3. pikachu, yea thumbs up for her!! she was really good in that movie. i cried because of her too :'(


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