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Are you attending any Halloween party this year?? hmm.. i have an invitation from a friend. but i'm still thinking.. i mean, it will be a nice experience though.. but i really don't have any idea on what to wear @__@ a friend of mine said i'll look just nice without any make up and attend the party (WTF?!) got so serious meh?
anyway, i'm here to wish you guys HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

BBQ fever!

Another BBQ post!! =)like i said, it was freaking hot yesterday.. everyone were sweating like a pig.. and i kept thinking about the email that i once received - don't BBQ with your lens on! i was so scared!! isit true ah that one would become blind if he wears contact lens during BBQ??! :/busy preparing..time for some games!and you know, sometimes alcohol can be dangerous.. cause things like these might happened...


My pretty friend

It's so freakingg hawtt today! what a bad day for bbq!! >.<but anyway, i know we shall enjoy the night later!! i mean, it's a holiday afterall ^0^met up with Carmen yesterday!! gosh she is getting prettier and hotter!! i felt so 'inferior' sitting next to her :( frankly everyone has changed.. but certainly not the friendship hehe.
Carmen and gangHappy Diwali you guys! enjoy the holiday! ^___^

Congratulations... and celebration...

Attended another registration ceremony last Sunday. this time, since there was only two pairs, so the ceremony was held at the smaller building. and, not many people that morning so it seemed abit dull and quiet.
nonetheless it was a happy occasion so everyone should be happy!

Mr and Mrs Tan (eh aint you pround Mr Tan? i purposely blog about your registration! ;p)

the couple on the right side, they were very quiet. no one came take photos for/with them =( i saw a family sitting behind, wondering if they were the family members for this couple? :\

the boys...

the girls....

me with this sweety, Ling. how could she lost so much weight?? can i donate my excess fats to her? (wtf?!)

Okay last but not least, congrats to the both of you!! ^0^
(p/s: once again, please don't ask when is my turn @__@ i swear you'll know when it's the time!)

BBQ partey

Hayley was down with fever and a bad cough =(( but no worries she is recovering now (cheh nobody cares also haha)

okay back to the topic. as planned, we had a bbq party last weekend. it rained the whole Saturday noon, but thank God it stopped when the bbq started ;) the party started at about 8 and ended at 2 in the morning. everybody had fun.. and able to know new friends..=))

started our bbq session

siu kai yek~ yummy...

the birthday girls

us and our burger meat - a must have

enjoying our food after some sweat
and when the clock striked 12, we had a small cake session.. i was dragged along :S (i mean, it's already 10 days since my birthday passed)

the couples

yea partey people!

l-r: SiewLi, her mum, me another Diwali bbq this sunday, but the cough virus's still with me T_____T shoo shoo... please go away~

The me lately

Been so lazy to blog these days.. life is abit dull, it's all about work work and work!! =___=
shit lor..... what am i gonna do?! *emo*

anyway i promise i'm going to update abit more soon ok? i can soon blog about the birthday party tonight, Tony's registration tomorrow and Diwali bbq next Sunday! whoaa i can feel my upcoming days to suddenly become so lively!! *excited*

but i'm still down with a bad cough :( which means no icy drinks :( which also means no liqour or beer or wine or whatsoever for me tonight T______T *emo again wtf* liddat how to enjoy the party you tell me....

and i went to see this doctor last night, he told me not to talk as much as possible :x cause when i talk, my throat becomes dry, and when the throat is dry, it triggers me to cough more :S but i got party tonight how can it possible not to talk?! so... nah i don't think i will keep quiet and i shall enjoy the night with a little bit of alcohol ;p don't worry ok i'll be fine ;)

enjoy your…

Birthday aftermath

This is supposed to be a scheduled post. Was kinda bzz last week...
Anyway, thank you people (once again) for your belated birthday wishes.. means alot to me =)) (yea i know it's already a week my birthday passed...)
also, presents i received ;)

nonetheless i didn't had much celebration this year. apart from the pre birthday celebrationlast 2 week, i had another dinner treat with the boy and friends on Weds night. we went to a restaurant named Hai Xin and went to yum char after that.

then i had lunch with some of my colleagues last Thursday..

and night, i treated the boy for a movie - Eagle Eye(who cares who's treating who? ;p) the movie is quite nice, i would give a rating of 4/5. the new cinema is quite comfy, but a bit cold. moreover not many patrons last night plus i'm wearing short pant :S hmm.. lesson learnt HAHA.

It's another Monday.. and i'm down with a bad cough :S

Hatyai trip

Note: Thank you everyone for the lovely birthday wishes!! (sms-es, FB/friendster's testimonials, msn s etc etc) also presents and gifts from all of you! you guys really made my day =))

Okay as promised, Hatyai trip!

Day One
woke up at 4.30am on Weds, then fetched the rest and to the destination we went! i slept only for 4 hours to be exact, so i was kinda tired and sleepy in the car but there was no wayy i could sleep.. too excited already and the rest were busy chit chatting :S
since it was Raya holiday, hence the long stretch of cars *sweat* we were stucked in jam for about 1 hour before we reached the border.

crowd queueing at the custom

in the very cozy van anyway we reached safely at the custom at about 9smth and the driver fetched us to Golden Crown hotel. after checked in and all, we started our journey to walk around the town. we were starving so we headed for our brunch which was bak kut teh. yummy~ next, walked around the town and bought nothing much. so we decided to try their…

Pre birthday celebration

i'm back from a long holiday!!
did you enjoy your holiday?!
me... i had a great time!! =))
but before i blog about my Hatyai trip, letmi blog about my pre birthday celebration first tee hee..

we had a small gathering @ Old Town cafe on Saturday noon, since Esther and Samantha were here. then me, Crystal and Angeline( yea we are Libra babies!) were treated with a fine dinner at 8383.

we were also able to watch the 'Jiu Wang Ye' parade in town. and while others were busy collecting candies, we grabbed the chance to snap some photos :p omg we just love photo shooting!

see everyone were so happy! ;D
next we went to have our cake session at Prima cafe.

our fruit cake.. yumm....

the boy and me

say cheese for the Libra babies ^__^

us posing with cherries

very much concentrated on making wishes

candid shot

blowing the candles huu..

i think these faces are very familiar already i don't have to introduce anymore

em hem promoters for Heineken beer ;p

that's the lovely pre bir…