Monday, October 27, 2008

BBQ fever!

Another BBQ post!! =)

like i said, it was freaking hot yesterday.. everyone were sweating like a pig.. and i kept thinking about the email that i once received - don't BBQ with your lens on! i was so scared!! isit true ah that one would become blind if he wears contact lens during BBQ??! :/

busy preparing..

time for some games!

and you know, sometimes alcohol can be dangerous.. cause things like these might happened...



  1. meow meow meow...
    i feel hot too when i browsing thro ur pics and...
    u make me craving for BBQ now

  2. meow, hehe.. it was hot..but it's fun to have it once a while ;)

    simon, yep they did love the pillar.. (but only when they are drunk ;p)


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