Wednesday, October 22, 2008

BBQ partey

Hayley was down with fever and a bad cough =(( but no worries she is recovering now (cheh nobody cares also haha)

okay back to the topic. as planned, we had a bbq party last weekend. it rained the whole Saturday noon, but thank God it stopped when the bbq started ;) the party started at about 8 and ended at 2 in the morning. everybody had fun.. and able to know new friends..=))

started our bbq session

siu kai yek~ yummy...

the birthday girls

us and our burger meat - a must have

enjoying our food after some sweat

and when the clock striked 12, we had a small cake session.. i was dragged along :S (i mean, it's already 10 days since my birthday passed)

the couples

yea partey people!

l-r: SiewLi, her mum, me
another Diwali bbq this sunday, but the cough virus's still with me T_____T shoo shoo... please go away~


  1. Seems like the Siu Kei Yik was the root cause that worsened your cough. But you are in better condition today. So, hope you can get well soon before the Diwali BBQ. Enjoy!

  2. yan, yea i guess so. but they were so tempting..i couldnt resist ;p so i had ONE.
    anyway, thanks alot!! =)

  3. hey, as the old people said, u cant take chicken when u cough.
    anyway,i can help u finish all da drool inducing sight chicken wing =P

  4. meow.. like i said... those chickens were very tempting.. so as a consequences, i need to suffer now =(


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