Monday, October 13, 2008

Birthday aftermath

This is supposed to be a scheduled post. Was kinda bzz last week...
Anyway, thank you people (once again) for your belated birthday wishes.. means alot to me =)) (yea i know it's already a week my birthday passed...)
also, presents i received ;)

nonetheless i didn't had much celebration this year. apart from the pre birthday celebration last 2 week, i had another dinner treat with the boy and friends on Weds night. we went to a restaurant named Hai Xin and went to yum char after that.

then i had lunch with some of my colleagues last Thursday..

and night, i treated the boy for a movie - Eagle Eye (who cares who's treating who? ;p) the movie is quite nice, i would give a rating of 4/5. the new cinema is quite comfy, but a bit cold. moreover not many patrons last night plus i'm wearing short pant :S hmm.. lesson learnt HAHA.

It's another Monday.. and i'm down with a bad cough :S


  1. awww a cough!??!?!

    time for some hot tea and lemon & honey!! get better!


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