Thursday, October 23, 2008

Congratulations... and celebration...

Attended another registration ceremony last Sunday. this time, since there was only two pairs, so the ceremony was held at the smaller building. and, not many people that morning so it seemed abit dull and quiet.
nonetheless it was a happy occasion so everyone should be happy!

Mr and Mrs Tan (eh aint you pround Mr Tan? i purposely blog about your registration! ;p)

the couple on the right side, they were very quiet. no one came take photos for/with them =( i saw a family sitting behind, wondering if they were the family members for this couple? :\

the boys...

the girls....

me with this sweety, Ling. how could she lost so much weight?? can i donate my excess fats to her? (wtf?!)

Okay last but not least, congrats to the both of you!! ^0^
(p/s: once again, please don't ask when is my turn @__@ i swear you'll know when it's the time!)


  1. but still.... uhm.... well... when is your turn? :P

  2. my dear Cryst.. why u make me say the same thing twice.. ;p
    okay la, since i asked u this question b4, now it's ur turn. so we are deal ok. no more this kinda question next time =)

  3. u look alwasy the same question when is ur turn? yan , vyonne n me is waiting

  4. angeline, thank u *shy*
    my answer is always the same - you'll know it when the time comes..... ;p


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