Saturday, October 18, 2008

The me lately

Been so lazy to blog these days.. life is abit dull, it's all about work work and work!! =___=
shit lor..... what am i gonna do?! *emo*

anyway i promise i'm going to update abit more soon ok? i can soon blog about the birthday party tonight, Tony's registration tomorrow and Diwali bbq next Sunday! whoaa i can feel my upcoming days to suddenly become so lively!! *excited*

but i'm still down with a bad cough :( which means no icy drinks :( which also means no liqour or beer or wine or whatsoever for me tonight T______T *emo again wtf* liddat how to enjoy the party you tell me....

and i went to see this doctor last night, he told me not to talk as much as possible :x cause when i talk, my throat becomes dry, and when the throat is dry, it triggers me to cough more :S but i got party tonight how can it possible not to talk?! so... nah i don't think i will keep quiet and i shall enjoy the night with a little bit of alcohol ;p don't worry ok i'll be fine ;)

enjoy your weekend people!! ^__*


  1. A chocolate for u! Cheer up p(^-^)q
    enjoy ur party 1st then oni care abt ur throat later xD

  2. thank you meow!
    yea, thats my plan too haha :p

  3. simon, thats abit tough for me :p
    but anyway, i'm alright now. =))

  4. Angeline, ok i will.
    thank you my dear.


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