Monday, October 6, 2008

Pre birthday celebration

i'm back from a long holiday!!
did you enjoy your holiday?!
me... i had a great time!! =))
but before i blog about my Hatyai trip, letmi blog about my pre birthday celebration first tee hee..

we had a small gathering @ Old Town cafe on Saturday noon, since Esther and Samantha were here. then me, Crystal and Angeline( yea we are Libra babies!) were treated with a fine dinner at 8383.

we were also able to watch the 'Jiu Wang Ye' parade in town. and while others were busy collecting candies, we grabbed the chance to snap some photos :p omg we just love photo shooting!

see everyone were so happy! ;D

next we went to have our cake session at Prima cafe.

our fruit cake.. yumm....

the boy and me

say cheese for the Libra babies ^__^

us posing with cherries

very much concentrated on making wishes

candid shot

blowing the candles huu..

i think these faces are very familiar already i don't have to introduce anymore

em hem promoters for Heineken beer ;p

that's the lovely pre birthday celebration for us. thank you my loves for the night.
haven't got any presents from them yet but no worry, even a simple wish is good enough to make my day ;))
i guess i'll be blogging about my Hatyai trip tonight or tomorrow. so stay tune ok?
Happy Monday people...


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear.. may u stay pretty as always.. ;)

  2. u have nice hair! did u get it permed?

  3. jesmakeup, thx! yup, my hair is permed..


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