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Happy birthday to you!

It's your birthday tomorrow!! aint you happy my dear?! 0___o Happy burfdaymwahhh..... have a fabulous one! ;D

Yo yo!

*sigh... sorry for the hiatus again, anyway do you miss me??*

few more weeks then we will be welcoming the brand new year. i hope 2009 will certainly be my luckier year.
i think year end 08 is bad for Rat, bad for Libra, particularly ME!! everything were not very smooth for me, especially on my work. just when i thought i have successfully settle an issue, dang~ another upcoming issue =_="
may be i really should go 'da siu yan' (hit little man, hit small people... whatever you call it) next year. pray that all those bad people and bad lucks stay far far away from me.
so what happened to me lately?! uhmm, apart from the daily 8-5 works (plus personal OT most of the times), there is nothing exciting already. i have not been to outstation, did not gone shopping, did not meet up my girls bla bla for about 1-2 months. okay positively thinking this is good for me as i can save more money! can save more money means i can shop more for next CNY! can shop more definetely will contribu…

Just an update

HELLO HELLO! deepest apology for being MIA.. been busy with some unsettled issues. was very helpless and tired lately @__________@ have you ever gone through a time when you need help so desperately, yet there is no one to help?? and you feel like there is no tomorrow and no more hopes and all you can think of is to - GIVE UP, completely. T___________T
yea it was how i feel lately. and i feel so 'lonely' cause, seems like no one understand my situation though i've explain it hundred of times.
okay la i know what you guys wanna say, you want to tell me to think positively and nothing is impossible. you want to tell me to be more open minded and there is always a better tomorrow. right? (i know because this is what i usually tell my friends when they have problems haha)
okay fine let's cut the crap. at least things are a lil better now =))
apart from this, my life is still same as usual. i sleep, i wake up, i work, i eat, i play and i meet friends. nothing very special and…

Halloween 08'

So how was your Halloween people? i saw alot of nice Halloween party photos in FB and blogs.. *jealous*
too bad Taiping doesn't have that trend. anyway i went to the party last Saturday as invited by the organiser. it ended up just like any other clubbing night. no one went as a 'ghost' also @__@

ah ting and me

the lovely couple

the guys

one pretty monster HAHA

the monster boyfriend

the Malaysian's got talent guys

enjoying the night

us with the flying monster head ewww...

a kiss from the monster one last photo of the day, have you ever seen a pretty monster who can drink and smoke at the same time?! NO?! nah here's one! . . .

yea i know this is ugly. but i'm allowed to, cause it's Halloween!! ;p