Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween 08'

So how was your Halloween people? i saw alot of nice Halloween party photos in FB and blogs.. *jealous*
too bad Taiping doesn't have that trend. anyway i went to the party last Saturday as invited by the organiser. it ended up just like any other clubbing night. no one went as a 'ghost' also @__@

ah ting and me

the lovely couple

the guys

one pretty monster HAHA

the monster boyfriend

the Malaysian's got talent guys

enjoying the night

us with the flying monster head ewww...

a kiss from the monster
one last photo of the day, have you ever seen a pretty monster who can drink and smoke at the same time?!
nah here's one!

yea i know this is ugly. but i'm allowed to, cause it's Halloween!! ;p


  1. meow meow...
    i like the last pic, the pretty monster was so coool.wahaha...

  2. meow~ haha.. look scary onot?? ;p

  3. the face is scary but the body is hot... xD

  4. haha.so scare lo the last pic err........ugly lo muahaha joke nia la i m a good camera man la this photo very good and nice hehe

  5. meow~ hehe *shy*

    nickson, dont keh keh take this chance to praise ur own camera skill ok ;p


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