Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just an update

HELLO HELLO! deepest apology for being MIA.. been busy with some unsettled issues. was very helpless and tired lately @__________@ have you ever gone through a time when you need help so desperately, yet there is no one to help?? and you feel like there is no tomorrow and no more hopes and all you can think of is to - GIVE UP, completely. T___________T
yea it was how i feel lately. and i feel so 'lonely' cause, seems like no one understand my situation though i've explain it hundred of times.
okay la i know what you guys wanna say, you want to tell me to think positively and nothing is impossible. you want to tell me to be more open minded and there is always a better tomorrow. right? (i know because this is what i usually tell my friends when they have problems haha)
okay fine let's cut the crap. at least things are a lil better now =))
apart from this, my life is still same as usual. i sleep, i wake up, i work, i eat, i play and i meet friends. nothing very special and this explain how 'photoless' i am these days ;p
on a brighter side, 2008 has almost coming to an end. i bet there will more challenges awaits me in the new year, especially that 'plan' =)
let's hope for a better tomorrow!


  1. how are you? u still ok?

    U look like having a big issues there...

    Ya, people will always tell you to think positively and open minded...This is the most usual way to advise and comfort people...

    However, there must be some friends can direct to look into the issues you face now and give some good and useful suggestions and recommendations...

    I just guess the problems u having now is the r/s problems... Mm, how to give comment if u didnt say any facts inside your blog?? I would just say if it is the things that still have space of negotiations and look for solutions, just pick it up; if the problems remains long time and it is such an complications that unsolvable and intolerable, perhaps u might think another ways of out. Anyway, dun give up so easily..try before u fails anyone, anything..including ur future..tcare

  2. Ohya.. i am sure u hv lots of friends there willing to help you..but perhaps u think they dun know how to help you..

    Anyway, this world is not helpless.. I hope you are ok..I know it is quite suffered when u need some help yet no helping hands are there...Let me know further if I am able to help..tcare

  3. hi abc,
    first of all, thanks for the kinda long comment. i know what you are trying to say.
    nope, certainly not my r/s problem, my r/s is fine so far.
    i was just expressing and releasing my tension over here, i dont feel like giving too details about whats going on simply because not to make things even complicated ;p
    anyway, thanks again. u take care too.
    p/s: still havent intro yourself =)

  4. mm....but I got it wrong...

    but for my humble view, I would think that nothing is unavailable for solutions save and except for the natural law such as birth, death and something which have occurred and not able to return to the original position...

    Except for the above, others things are always opened for solutions, only differents are the methods and time consumed to solve it.. I.e. family matters, so long as u put more efforts on to it, sincerity can break any issues and problems..Even career matter, it can be resolved either by putting efforts or the last and least u can do, is get a new job, start a new you agree ? I am kinda sure u agree with me..right ?

    The questions arise are only how do you get into a right track and how do you being comforted towards those unhappy and bothersome feeling ? U may probably get someone have better senses of directions on advising you...

    Don worry..Solutions are always there...the world is always open for you...friends are always there for you... and Happiness is not far from you..

    Just cheer up..friends..



  5. I always have second thought/further to say after I posted my comment...

    ya..just if you are willing to share "a bit" the facts of your problem with me, I think I am able to give constructive/useful suggestion to you..(haha, too confidence)

    Whatsoever, I think you are in right track now as you know to get release of your tension through the blogs here by putting up your feeling... It helps you a lot to reduce stress since first you opened up this blog, right..just continue, your blogs are such a nice for reading blogs that people can get some thought over here..It is quite relaxing for reading your blogs...


    Best Regards to you


  6. hello again, i know what you are trying to say. of all the things u said, i have thought of them.
    anyway, thanks for the effort of writing this long comment. hehe.


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