Thursday, November 27, 2008

Yo yo!

*sigh... sorry for the hiatus again, anyway do you miss me??*

few more weeks then we will be welcoming the brand new year. i hope 2009 will certainly be my luckier year.
i think year end 08 is bad for Rat, bad for Libra, particularly ME!! everything were not very smooth for me, especially on my work. just when i thought i have successfully settle an issue, dang~ another upcoming issue =_="
may be i really should go 'da siu yan' (hit little man, hit small people... whatever you call it) next year. pray that all those bad people and bad lucks stay far far away from me.
so what happened to me lately?! uhmm, apart from the daily 8-5 works (plus personal OT most of the times), there is nothing exciting already. i have not been to outstation, did not gone shopping, did not meet up my girls bla bla for about 1-2 months. okay positively thinking this is good for me as i can save more money! can save more money means i can shop more for next CNY! can shop more definetely will contribute to a happier ME! are you happy for me?! ^___*
too bad i am still down with cough. it haunted me for more than a month already T________T i have consulted 3-4 doctors and even bought medicines and cough mixtures from pharmacy, i even tried those chinese herbal teas, mint leaves drink, honey lemon drinks etc...

but none of them could cure me T_____________T

i did cut down on icy drinks (though there were times, i 'accidentally' eaten chicken opps)- smaller fonts cause i feel damn guilty already. besides, i take my Vit A, C and D daily.
but to be honest i seldom get coughing. but once i get, it will haunt me for a long time =( which is too bad.
so, i went to see another doctor last Monday. he told me, mine is actually allergy cough. or another word, SILENT ASTHMA 0__o but he told me not to get intimidated by the word ASTHMA as it is just a term. at the end, he suggested me to buy an accuhaler which cost me blardy RM160!! i knew already his medication will be slightly expensive compare to other doctors. i just hope, i am not paying the RM160 for nothing.. i really hope this thing can cure my cough asap.
will try to blog more ok. have a nice day you guys!


  1. take care my dear sister..get well soon and happy shopping yah

  2. "i think year end 08 is bad for Rat, bad for Libra, particularly ME!!"
    i totally agree wif u, i'm having a bad time during the end of year, hope everything will go smooth next year.
    and take care ya gal. we the rat and libra are goin 2 rock the ox year.wheeeeeee.............

  3. Linda, thank u.. u take care too ok ;)

    Meow, sigh.. i thought i m the only one.. but nvm, pray hard for the both of us. may this coming new year will be a better one yay!

  4. Hayley, since I was the one mentioning this doctor to you, I hope the medicine that u bought can really help you to get rid of the persistent cough. By the way, you also need to take in more fluid and more green veggie, rest more and exercise more to build up good body resistence. Good luck.

  5. Yan, yea i hope it will help me too.
    i did drink alot of fluids and eat alot of green veggie.. but i think i am lacking of exercise lately.. need to gambateh already! thank u!!

  6. If it's 'hot cough' then maybe you can try drinking fresh young coconut. It works! Avoid eating the flesh thou, 'cause it might be quite heaty.. BUT! Be cautious. If it's 'cold cough' then drinking coconut might worsen the situation.

    Take care and get well soon! ;)

    p/s: try 'phei pha kou'! :D

  7. cryst, how to determine its cold cough or hot cough arr?? @__@
    anyway, i did drink few times of coconut drinks already, and even finish the whole big bottle of 'phei pha kou', but it didnt work T__T
    anyhow, i ll take care, u too ya! thank u dear!!


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