Monday, December 1, 2008

Another kenduri

A few of us attended Fida's kenduri last Saturday. yea the same old me, Angeline and Crystal.. the same faces who attended Aisya's kenduri. what to do?? only the 3 of us are at Taiping and the rest are working outstation.
i sat with Fida during Form 4. She is a very nice gal and would gone crazy with you.. i remembered we used to be very tension during Add Maths class, cause Ms Low would stopped beside you and watched you doing the works, and she used to call up names to answer questions. @__@ and sometimes, we copied each others' works before submitting ;p nonetheless she is a very nice teacher i bet many treacherians loved her class!
i think Fida was one of the closest Malay classmate i had during that time. but why did i sat with a Malay you might ask. hmm that's because it was one of the rules that the form teacher/school given. we had to sit with a friend of different race, so as to memupuk semangat perpaduan and keharmonian di antara pelbagai kaum di Malaysia wtf...
but i have to say that i had a great time spending with her and with the rest of the gals. in fact, life in TMGS is one of my best-est memory. awww i miss those moments....

the bride of the day!! the theme color is gold and she looked very elegant in that!

pretty Fida and me

the bridegroom's arrival

the elegant pelamin

then we were having fun there bleh
apart from this, we celebrated the boy's birthday during that night too. will blog about it soon.
Happy working Monday! ;)


  1. hye babe
    cam across ur blog thru the link frm ur fs...
    well, looks like u r quite familiar with malay weddings..i mean the 'kenduri', 'pelamin' and etc...
    thats great!!!

  2. fana..
    hey u look so familiar.. u r from FSKTM also rite??
    okok la, i attended a few malay wedding so i learn abit ;) i was from malay secondary school so i got chances to witness occasion like this.


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