Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another year older..

So the boyfriend is one year older now >.< time flies huh?
recalling back, for the passed 5 years, i have given him clothes, wallet, belt, watches and perfumes as birthday pressie. so i really have no idea on what to give him this year (and the following years....opps) so, i planned to make him something special. something that i DIY. so, i learnt baking cake from a good friend of mine =)) i actually had this idea about a month before his birthday (i'm such a good gf *shy*)
and last week i made sure i bought and had everything i needed for the cake. then i woke up earlier on Saturday morning to start preparing. in between the session, i went out to attend Fida's wedding and even went for a facial haha i'm such a good multitasker. i finish decorating the cake by evening and keep in refrigerated before presenting it to the boy ^__*
yea he was very surprise on the cake. i think he never expect me to bake him the cake teehee. seriously did i ever cook him something?!?! uhm, did maggi mee with egg counts? ;p
but it's never too late to learn right?
okay now presenting my first ever DIY chocolate cake...
sorry taken with my handphone so it's abit dark
after dinner we went to the military cemetary to celebrate his birthday. eh wait, it's a birthday celebration how come go cemetary one??!! choiiii...... ;p no la actually besides being a cemetary for the soldiers who died many many many years ago, it's also a great place for chit chatting and watching the stars and moon hehe. we bought some beer and snacks there too!

the boy and his cake

anyway, there are good and bad comments i received about the cake.. but thank God it was okay overall. i'm glad that the boy enjoyed it.. certainly i will need more practices to improve myself. practice makes perfect!! 0__o


  1. wuu... good job! ;) and i know which cemetery u're talking about! i used to hangout there during secondary time too! :P

  2. cryst, kamsiah kamsiah!
    yea thats the only cemetery where we can hang out..=))
    but weird, i never been there during secondary time.. guess i was too 'guai' and stay at home study only ;p

  3. meow.
    wat a nice cake u hv ^^
    ur bf muz b as sweet as the cake


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