Friday, December 5, 2008


Seriously i hate talking to bank's staffs ( sorry not intended to offend any of you guys). I know not all of them are rude but i have to say, i dealed with 2 different bank's staffs and yes, they are rude, very rude. is it me who is so bad luck or what?!?!
few months ago, i called up Ms M from ** bank at KL branch, and the way she talked to me was kinda rude. she sounded very annoying with my calls. honestly i know i had called her several times, but no matter what i'm your customer so please talk politely with me!! i didnt even talk rudely with her. okay fine may be she is very tension at works or she is very busy at the time i called her but no matter what she cannot throw her temper at the customer!! i know customer isnt always right but at least please pay some respect lah cause everyone has their own job fuctions we are just doing our parts. whats wrong with asking anyway??!
and this time, it's another gal i dealed with from ***bank, also from KL branch. i have called her for the freaking TWO times only and she already seems irritating with me. acted so lcly wtf... tell me do my voice sounds so terrible everyone is bullying me?! T___________T
i'm only doing my parts to settle the issue and all i want is that little helps from whoever who is capable to help. why they don't understand me one....? *sob sob*
if there is other better staff who can help me i dont mind dealing with him/her lor.... ohh God please lend me a helping hand!!
i swear if there is next time, i will definetely ask for her name( just now too mad already forgot to ask for her name *knock head*)
anyway, i know holiday is coming so i'm trying to control my emotion and dont get mad over this kinda person....
so, happy holiday peeps!!! ^___*

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