Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bye bye 2008!

Omg i cant believe its the LAST DAY OF THE YEAR!! :o
time really flies this fast~
anyway last day also mean another celebration going on ;)) fireworks, screaming, wishing etc... i cant wait!

anyway as mentioned, this is another gathering post (hope i dint bore you people..:S)
went to the new steamboat restaurant last weekend. overall the food and service are ok. but too bad the fan was not working for a few times thus all of us were sweating like a pig -___-""

combination of steamboating and bbqing

same old faces.. Annie and her boy

no need to mention liao

pretended to be busy :p

we are 4 heavy eaters blek

dessert time!!

Esther and myself

Yen is back! too bad she dint brought her baby boy along =(

hehe playing around with the boy (look at his innocent face)

since this is the last post of year 2008 i feel like blogging abit more (yea damn random i know) i try to recall what have i done through the whole year and realised that year 2008 seems very 'plain' for me. nothing very happening actually. but i m glad that apart from work, i was able to visit Spain and Hatyai :D i certainly wish for more trips like this next year!
okay i think thats all for now... wishing you people
may we have a blessed year with lesser disaster and better economy!


  1. Reading your blog, let me know that how different the bachelor life and the marriage life is. So, seize every second you like and enjoy your bachelor life. Happy New Year 2009 to you.

  2. Yan, yes i know... but i know somehow 'that' day will come to me also.. hehe. i better appreciate liao...

  3. wow, u guys have been to the new steamboat shop.
    how was it??

  4. meow, yep.. went last weekend.
    erm, okok la. consider not bad lo, at least there is a steamboat restaurant at tpg ma :p


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