Monday, December 15, 2008

Counting down...

10 more days to Christmas and 17 more days to new year. argh cant wait for the holiday again tee hee. i dont know why i ve been looking forward to every holiday lately. dying for more and more holiday and day-off. probably because i have already running outta annual leaves and been bogged down with works these few months. you know sometimes i wonder why arent we work for 2 days and rest for 5 days?! i mean, switching the weekdays with the weekend haha. yea call me crazy but this is really a good idea! blek ;p

so how are you celebrating christmas? Annie and i were discussing this topic last weekend and i said why not we go to Auto City on christmas eve? since i've been wanting to visit the night life there all this while. and the gang is interested to join too ;D

so we are planning on carpooling now and seems like i m the planner once again. but its ok i m already used to it =___=

okay this apart.... i have my bangs back! =))


but initially i wanted something like this:

then i thought this would be a little bit long and would cover the eyes.. so i requested for the fringe to be shorter :)

Its another Monday again... zZzz....


  1. i like ur fringe, it suits you.

  2. Yes, it is a trend now to have such short bang. It suits you too.

  3. meow and yan, thank u.... ^__^

  4. Hello~
    As much as you wish you get more days off, be thankful that you only work 5 days instead of 6 (like me). So enjoy your holidays while the chef and waitress serves you when you have your meal on Christmas Eve and Christmas day itself.

    Happy Holidays!

  5. pikachu, wah how come u seldom blog nowadays?? :S
    ya i know somehow i should be thankful also ;))
    u too, happy holidays!

  6. PiKA~!
    Well the Pikachu blog is mostly about cars (which I intend to only post about cars there) while my other personal blog which is constantly updated with my ranting and nagging -

  7. pikachu~
    no wonder la, seldom see u blogging there. perhaps i shud update the blog link already hehe.


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