Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December girls

We had an earlier birthday celebration for Cherry and Yvonne last week. the food served were nice and their service was good too! ;)

group photo

l-r: Yew, Yan, Angeline, me

the two birthday girls
after dinner, we went Just K at Taiping Sentral for an one hour K session. the environment is not bad since it is still new, and the price is reasonable also. we sang for exactly one hour before heading back home.
too many songs, too little time

Christmas is coming! which means another holiday yay yay!


  1. WAHHH!!! Tpg Sentral got karaoke arr? Which part? Never see before one!!! Canggih weiii! :P CNY can go back for K session! Yayness~

  2. cryst, yes my dear, its on the 3rd floor. yaya, cny time can sing kao kao... ;D


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