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one more day to go! yipee yeah.....
brothers and friends already came back from KL. its so happening already!! :D
company is going to shut down 1 week. what should i do for such a long holiday?! perhaps i should take this opportunity to accompany mum more... hmm..
okay nothing much to say already, am in the mood for CNY liao. =))

wishing you people GONG XI FA CAI!! may the Ox bring more luck, health and wealth to us!

Random updates

- back to blogging world after a week of hibernation. was lazy to blog actually...

- friends asked hows life after being someone's wife. frankly, i did not feel anything in particular (haha weird i know) and i even keep addressing the boy's parents as uncle and aunty instead of father and mother >.<

- went to Penang twice for CNY shopping and crazy enough, we went Seould Garden twice too. the boy is addicted to it already =) anyway, i got myself several tops already so i'd say thats enough to wear during this CNY

- 5 more days to CNY and for the first time, i will be spending it at aunt's house. its not very convenient to be honest but no choice... i know i should be thankful at least there is a shelter for us. you girls are still welcome to visit me during CNY! but of cause ang pau is from my parents not from me la ok :p

-last but not least, i'll try my best not to let this blog die, so dont give up on me ok!


Finally, no more bachelor life.
you girls should organize one bachelor party for me last saturday, the last night i was still a bachelor. serious. (no la i m kidding actually :p)
got up very early that day, got my hair and make up done quite on time.
friends were already there when i arrived at the temple. luckily the ceremony havent started yet.

no more calling 'the boy'... its time to think of another name for him in my blog...

the pretty girls
signing the forms seriously

us being very serious too

when the parents meet the parents

during the ceremony

exchanging our rings

officially now.....(you guys please stop calling us uncle and aunty ok, we are still very much young physically and mentally wtf)

happy family (too bad big bro wasnt here ...)

bigger group of happy family ;)))

i never thought of 'giving' the flower away until i saw the other couple did this. so, we were thinking having some fun too.. but then its not very natural la cause they actually arranged who s gonna cat…

An 8 hours of shopping

Went Penang last weekend, intended to shop for CNY clothes but end up, i only bought one top and a short. unlike the boy, he got himself a few more tops and jeans.
i purposely ate only a little during brunch and starved myself towards the evening, cause we were planning to Seoul Garden!
the me at 4pm and at 6pm is totally contrary. haha. was damn hungry at 4pm but damn full after that.
after taking our seats, its time to......

pouting because he was assigned to look after the bags and we went taking the food

okay la trying to make him happy so i asked him to come over ;p

just started...

this is the baby abalone soup, Annie at the next table ordered Kim Chi. but i m not so fancy over the steamboat, i only played with the bbq thingy throughout that 2 hours... ;)

preparing our DIY 'vegetable chicken'

Mr and Mrs Tan

Mr and Mrs Lee

after 2 hours... our tummy were all bloated.. *burp*
next stop, QB. shopped until 10pm and imagine how tired it is walking with heels... :S

The day i learned that

..... FRIENDSHIP can be this fragile.
its like... you see the moments of happiness spending together now, but they were all gone the next second. gone, long gone...

yea i know i promised not to bother about itanymore. actually i think i did trying my best to ignore all the dramas. but until the day i read about it, i was totally mad. mad until what i have in mind was only @#$%^#!!! i mean, i never thought of something like this can be popped out from his mind. sigh.. of the good girl i was trying to be before this, was just a waste of time. of all the sincerity and thoughts i had before this, were all worthless. and now whether who win or lose, its not important anymore..

anyway, like i said, we have our own way of living. how he want it to be, its all depends on him.

(emo? of cause, its a Monday afterall....) >.<

Hello 2009

First post of the year!! :D
its a brand new year, which also mean brand new resolutions?? may be.
but most importantly, i wish my family to be healthy and happy!! health is wealth!! i feel that the saying is so true... especially after i read an article about a girl last night. she is one of my former school mate, frankly i m not close with her, but at least we recognise each other. she is quite a happy-go-lucky girl but who will ever thought such a happy girl would have this disease.. her heart was diagnosed with an illness and now, she has only 19 more months to see the world.. i was so shocked when the bf's mum showed me this article. she had to carry a 9kg bag everywhere she go. the bag has a pipe connected to her heart and its like the 'life' for her. such a young girl and she is so pitiful T___T
life is precious, so we better appreciate whatever we have!

okay, sad story aside. hows your new year celebration? mine was great! went for K-ing and clubbing later that night. J…