Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Finally, no more bachelor life.
you girls should organize one bachelor party for me last saturday, the last night i was still a bachelor. serious. (no la i m kidding actually :p)
got up very early that day, got my hair and make up done quite on time.
friends were already there when i arrived at the temple. luckily the ceremony havent started yet.

no more calling 'the boy'... its time to think of another name for him in my blog...

the pretty girls

signing the forms seriously

us being very serious too

when the parents meet the parents

during the ceremony

exchanging our rings

officially now.....(you guys please stop calling us uncle and aunty ok, we are still very much young physically and mentally wtf)

happy family (too bad big bro wasnt here ...)

bigger group of happy family ;)))

i never thought of 'giving' the flower away until i saw the other couple did this. so, we were thinking having some fun too.. but then its not very natural la cause they actually arranged who s gonna catch the bouquet when i throw.....

see, i m sure you know who s gonna catch that bouquet....

clearer now? :p

last but not least....

congratulations Mr Chan! :D

may we have a blessed time and live happily ever after. =)

p/s: thank you for those who attended the registration and also the wishes from you people. really, really appreciated!

pps: i m still waiting for the full set of photos from other cameras. will update once i get them (if i m still in the mood la :p)


  1. congratulation!!!!
    wat a young and lovely couple.
    princess and prince will live happily ever after ^^

  2. meow, thank u!
    we really look like princess and price?! ngek ngek ngek.... ;p

  3. hey gal congrats ya...u look lovely lor....

  4. So, when will the wedding dinner be? ^^,
    This year? Next year? Tomorrow?? hehehe...

  5. waileng, erm, i m not sure when yet. perhaps u first?!

  6. york mei..congrats, didnt know u married ready now...congrats, congrats..dont forget me when u have ur wedding dinner....keep in touch sister...

  7. linda, hehe surprise onot? :p
    anyway, thanks alot!
    sure will rmb to invite u!

  8. can start working on making small chan :P lol

  9. anonymous, making small chan is for sure! but...not so soon la... :)

  10. Hayley, Congratulations!
    Sorry for the late wishes, I just back from holiday.
    Wow,lovely couple. Wish both of you live happily ever after!

  11. yoong.. thanks!
    i knew u jz back from ur honeymoon hehe..
    cant wait to see ur post!


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