Tuesday, January 6, 2009

An 8 hours of shopping

Went Penang last weekend, intended to shop for CNY clothes but end up, i only bought one top and a short. unlike the boy, he got himself a few more tops and jeans.
i purposely ate only a little during brunch and starved myself towards the evening, cause we were planning to Seoul Garden!
the me at 4pm and at 6pm is totally contrary. haha. was damn hungry at 4pm but damn full after that.
after taking our seats, its time to......

pouting because he was assigned to look after the bags and we went taking the food

okay la trying to make him happy so i asked him to come over ;p

just started...

this is the baby abalone soup, Annie at the next table ordered Kim Chi. but i m not so fancy over the steamboat, i only played with the bbq thingy throughout that 2 hours... ;)

preparing our DIY 'vegetable chicken'

Mr and Mrs Tan

Mr and Mrs Lee

after 2 hours... our tummy were all bloated.. *burp*
next stop, QB. shopped until 10pm and imagine how tired it is walking with heels... :S


  1. How you find the Seoul Garden steamboat if compare to the steamboat buffet in town? Which one better?

  2. seems like eveybody bz for cny preparation =D

  3. yan, definetely Seoul Garden is better! it has more variety of food, marinated chickens, lamb, beef, ice cream etc etc.. there are also several types of soup to chose and free flow of drinks.

    meow, yes... only 20 more days to go!!

  4. hey there..
    i gt to see u with ya boy in sentral taiping on 9th Jan during my taiping trip..but din get the chance to call u..

    small world rite after all..:p
    nice day

  5. yong, yea i went there at night watching the modeling show.
    its a small world! =))


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