Monday, January 5, 2009

The day i learned that

..... FRIENDSHIP can be this fragile.
its like... you see the moments of happiness spending together now, but they were all gone the next second. gone, long gone...

yea i know i promised not to bother about it anymore. actually i think i did trying my best to ignore all the dramas. but until the day i read about it, i was totally mad. mad until what i have in mind was only @#$%^#!!! i mean, i never thought of something like this can be popped out from his mind. sigh.. of the good girl i was trying to be before this, was just a waste of time. of all the sincerity and thoughts i had before this, were all worthless. and now whether who win or lose, its not important anymore..

anyway, like i said, we have our own way of living. how he want it to be, its all depends on him.

(emo? of cause, its a Monday afterall....) >.<


  1. I u'stand how you feel gal.
    I've gone thro wat you facing right now.ya, friendship can be so fragile, or maybe is GOD decide to do so, for ur own good in the future.
    So dont bother wat people said,just be urself, you will be more happier =))
    Cheer up. 2mr is another day. Smile =D

  2. meow~
    the feeling is so 'hurt' right...
    cause its like we didnt do anything wrong but people judged us as making mistakes.. sigh~
    but nvm, i am doing as what you said, just be myself!


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