Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hello 2009

First post of the year!! :D
its a brand new year, which also mean brand new resolutions?? may be.
but most importantly, i wish my family to be healthy and happy!! health is wealth!! i feel that the saying is so true... especially after i read an article about a girl last night. she is one of my former school mate, frankly i m not close with her, but at least we recognise each other. she is quite a happy-go-lucky girl but who will ever thought such a happy girl would have this disease.. her heart was diagnosed with an illness and now, she has only 19 more months to see the world.. i was so shocked when the bf's mum showed me this article. she had to carry a 9kg bag everywhere she go. the bag has a pipe connected to her heart and its like the 'life' for her. such a young girl and she is so pitiful T___T
life is precious, so we better appreciate whatever we have!

okay, sad story aside. hows your new year celebration? mine was great! went for K-ing and clubbing later that night. JR was super duper packed! luckily TK went earlier and reserved a table for us.




left at 2am and went yum char before heading back home....

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