Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Random updates

- back to blogging world after a week of hibernation. was lazy to blog actually...

- friends asked hows life after being someone's wife. frankly, i did not feel anything in particular (haha weird i know) and i even keep addressing the boy's parents as uncle and aunty instead of father and mother >.<

- went to Penang twice for CNY shopping and crazy enough, we went Seould Garden twice too. the boy is addicted to it already =) anyway, i got myself several tops already so i'd say thats enough to wear during this CNY

- 5 more days to CNY and for the first time, i will be spending it at aunt's house. its not very convenient to be honest but no choice... i know i should be thankful at least there is a shelter for us. you girls are still welcome to visit me during CNY! but of cause ang pau is from my parents not from me la ok :p

-last but not least, i'll try my best not to let this blog die, so dont give up on me ok!


  1. Finally u bac to ur blog, i tot u bz wif ur honeymoon and abandon ur kid here. xD
    hAppY ox year mrs chan =D

  2. meow~
    no la, i havent think of the best country for honeymoon la.. any idea? :p

  3. That depends on what you like. My hubby and I are thinking of Hokkaido - we LOVE THE COLD WEATHER!
    Anyway, if you are free try eating at Paddington House of Pancakes and I've just blogged about it.

  4. waileng, yes, i ve tried that during my visit to KL last Aug. hehe.


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