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To the weekend...

Went to KL for a seminar yesterday. its a one day trip. i was tired though i wasnt the driver. early departure at 5 in the morning - stucked in the usual morning KL jam - attended the talk - started the journey back home - being stucked in jam(AGAIN) which caused by rain, toll payment and accident. hence explained the late arrival at home *gasps*

i was this tired.......
even tired today cause its a working S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y!! :S

anyway, it will be our movie date tonight!! couples movie date =))) something i can look forward to despite the tiredness :D

happy weekend everyone!!

Hello newbie!

Just got this pretty babe last night, Sony T700digi cam. With 10.1 MP, 3.5" LCD touch screen, 4GB internal memory and the smile shutter function. cool !! :D :D

never expect the boy will actually bought this, i thought i was just joking around.. but whatever it is, thank you darl... xoxo.

so what happened to the old Olympus camera? i m thinking of selling it at a cheaper price. but am wondering is there anyone interested to buy? it's only 6 MP and it has only basic functions. the boy asked me to keep it as it might be useful in the future. well, may be.

okay end of update. gotto get back to work! happy Tuesday!! ;)

Cameron trip (150209)

As promised! Cameron trip! :D but i could only upload a few over here, cause there are just too many photos we took! decided to go there on a last minute decision and i was the one who suggested. so proud leh cause this is the second trip we planned and we've made it!!!
early departure at 7am. dropped by Meng Kok Ipoh to have dim sum. yum yum~

then off to Cameron! :D :Dpardon for the morning vain look =_= Annie has just got her new Sony T77 digi cam and it looks absolutely gorgeous. hunny when can i get mine?! :p
seriously its been 7 years since my last visit to Cameron (that is why i was so excited whee~) we enjoyed the cold breezy air along the way to Cameron. how i wish Taiping has this kinda weather too?first stop was the strawberry farm. ok la actually we wanted to use loo >.<

next we headed to the tea garden for some tai tai's tea time moment.

we had our lunch at one of the steamboat restaurant around town area. having s…


Random #1: I guess i m getting worse in handling emo-ness and anger. i am still pissed off with the issue yesterday, as mentioned in the previous post. *sigh* perhaps its time to seek for profesional master/guru/sifu of handling stress and things like that.

Random #2: Anyway apart from all these unhappy things that happened lately, i am moving into my new house in no time!! :D :D :D ok la its a secondhand house we bought actually, but since we have not stay in there so consider NEW lor! its currently under renovation and we estimate to move in there officially by end of Feb. finally... our very own house! ;)

Random #3: Angeline started her own online boutique already! ( yea damn random) i am just doing her a favor by promoting the site. go visit la!

Random #4: I wonder how long does it takes for me to update about my Cameron trip and also to upload more photos to FB =___=" damn the internet line at home is super slow these few days and its the culprit behind! i promise i will do som…

Being a woman

So valentines is over.. the boy and me spent it just like any other saturday.. and of the few restaurants we dropped by, either they were all full house or they were only for reservations.... what to do? blame it on the boy who did not made earlier preparation to celebrate this day. and my boy is a real dummy. i told him not to buy me anything for valentines, and guess what? HE REALLY DID NOT BUY ME ANYTHING! NOT EVEN A BOUQUET OF FLOWER!!!! doesnt he knows that woman are real weird creature? the mouth says no need but actually deep down she wants to see how romantic are you.. confusing leh... :p
but nonetheless, i certainly did not blame him for being this way. love isnt just about giving precious gifts or flowers right? ;)
okay back to the topic. actually i was wanting to write something like this some times ago but thanks to the devil procrastinator who stays in me, the post was never up. but today, i m so in the mood to write about it!! now say thank you to the aunty that visits me …

This..... another pictureless post. *sigh*

okay so everyone knows tomorrow is 14th of Feb. so where to go and what to do? a romantic candle light dinner? or a movie for two? or a massive celebration with a bunch of besties? i have no ideas. but people said everyday is a valentines day as long as both are happy and loving. but i bet this doesnt apply for everyone...
anyway, its a day to enjoy no matter if you are single or in a relationship. who say valentines day is only for lovers?

okay i better get back to work now. last but not least, let me wish all of you

My 2009 CNY

This is the 4th day i'm at work after the long cny holiday. the mood for cny has also gradually faded. sigh~ like i said, happy times always flies.
to be honest, i have longer holiday this year compare to 2008. but apparently longer holiday doesnt means more photos :( i wonder why? perhaps we are getting older? haha.
as usual, we had gathering with all the pretty girls. initial headcount was about 13-14 but in the end there was only 8 of us. how sad...

the usual 'hot spot'

woke up early during chu yi, headed to grandma's house for ang pau s.... :D then watched Underworld with the boy. we have watched 4 movies over the week. thats a good sign at least we have a cinema already in Taiping. then we gathered at Can's house at night, for 3 bottles of liquor and the movie 'Shutter'. siao one, watch horror movie during cny -__-"
my first time wearing leggings. haha damn jakun i know.

ladies and gents, presenting the main character of the day.... jeng jeng jeng.....…

Can i have more holidays?


finally i'm back to work after the long holiday.. feeling very reluctant to wake up early this morning. but what to do? work is work. thats the fact.anyway, the reason for the silence is simply because i was too busy! too busy with gatherings and spending more time with the boy and my family. 1 week off might sounds kinda longgg but actually it's not enough for me! sigh how come happy moment pass so fast?! perhaps someone should invent a time machine or something for us to turn back time? :pto summarize, last week was really a blast for me. i met up friends, had a few drinks, blabbing here and there and of cause, collecting ang pau s tee hee.. (yea i know la, this year might be the last year for me to collect ang pau... how sad is that?) and i also had loads of cny cookies! this is the best-est part of cny!but then i have never been to clubbing this time, hmm is that a good thing or bad? okay a short post today, gotto get back to work. i will upload some photos soon... h…