Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Being a woman

So valentines is over.. the boy and me spent it just like any other saturday.. and of the few restaurants we dropped by, either they were all full house or they were only for reservations.... what to do? blame it on the boy who did not made earlier preparation to celebrate this day. and my boy is a real dummy. i told him not to buy me anything for valentines, and guess what? HE REALLY DID NOT BUY ME ANYTHING! NOT EVEN A BOUQUET OF FLOWER!!!! doesnt he knows that woman are real weird creature? the mouth says no need but actually deep down she wants to see how romantic are you.. confusing leh... :p
but nonetheless, i certainly did not blame him for being this way. love isnt just about giving precious gifts or flowers right? ;)
okay back to the topic. actually i was wanting to write something like this some times ago but thanks to the devil procrastinator who stays in me, the post was never up. but today, i m so in the mood to write about it!! now say thank you to the aunty that visits me every month...
so when was your first period?( i mean you girls, of cause) seriously i cannot remember mine. perhaps some time when i was in Form 3? but i certainly do remember how does it feel during the first time. woke up in the morning, only to find that i was bleeding. (OMG!) then the next second, the tummy went very very uneasy and i even felt like vomiting. i could only lay on the bed whole day. mummy said its alright cause thats how girls usually felt during the first period. (but why la??) damn suffering you know!
then i even had a funny story of wearing pads. very embarassing one! since it was the first time so there were some difficulties. (ya la no one taught me how to wear it the correct way wert...) but no matter how i was still able to learn it myself. but... i walked like so uneasy... brother saw it and he asked me why i walked terkangkang like that?! all i could think of was just, ' nothing just that my leg is pain!' haha.. damn paiseh leh =___="
then everytime during that time of the month, i will be super alert whether it leaks. thus i refrain from wearing anything white and will ask the favor of someone kind enough to check whether there is stain at my back. haha.
but as we grow up, things become smoother and better. but sometimes, that kinda pain is still unbearable. and thats the part i hate about period. can i request for a smoother period with no pain? not only this, we are going to have another even more powerful pain (wtf?)during our delivery. i dont know exactly how painful it is so i cant describe it now. but i guess probably its 2341974 times even painful than period pain?! omg being a woman is meant to be respectable can you tell?
sigh guys can you understand? so dont mad at us when we are grumpy during our PMS. and do love us more because being a woman is simply not easy...

-ok end of the emo post-

p/s: next, Cameron post!!! :D


  1. LOL, same case as mine! Told not to buy anything really no buy anything =.=

    Yeah, why women have to have period? I'm so scare of it because when it's pain I'm SERIOUSLY in pain,curled up my body and feels like stabbing it with knife, worst more I will vomit and faint anytime. Those who close to me can feel the pain. Sob sob!

    Anyway, this shows women are tough to endure pain, haha!

    Take care gal!

  2. hey hey yoong yoong... so glad to see you back!
    yala why we need to go through that time of the month? sigh~
    anyway, you take care too ya!! hope to see you with more blogs!!

  3. meow.....i like this post,haha =D
    i found out that most of us having the same exp for the 1st period ~~ woke up in the morning and found out we are actually bleeding.kakaka.....

  4. meow~ u also experienced this during ur 1st?? i guess this is normal.. but damn pain right? unforgettable experience! haha.

  5. HAHAHA very true.. when i first started dating my boy i told him no need waste money buy flowers and he really din buy.. until after a few years i told him directly "I WANT FLOWERS..." HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! >_<

    and wah Form 3 so shiok! I started suffering since Std 6 and that time i was too shy to tell my mum and stained my panties for abt 3 days until i had the gut to tell her and she was like "WHAT????" LOL but I dun feel pain or anything that time, if my memory served me right..

  6. eh cryst, u came back from HK liao?? sao sun leh? :p
    WHAT?? after 3 days only tell??! cannot imagine! hahaha...


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