Monday, February 23, 2009

Cameron trip (150209)

As promised! Cameron trip! :D but i could only upload a few over here, cause there are just too many photos we took! decided to go there on a last minute decision and i was the one who suggested. so proud leh cause this is the second trip we planned and we've made it!!!

early departure at 7am. dropped by Meng Kok Ipoh to have dim sum. yum yum~

then off to Cameron! :D :D

pardon for the morning vain look =_= Annie has just got her new Sony T77 digi cam and it looks absolutely gorgeous. hunny when can i get mine?! :p

seriously its been 7 years since my last visit to Cameron (that is why i was so excited whee~) we enjoyed the cold breezy air along the way to Cameron. how i wish Taiping has this kinda weather too?

first stop was the strawberry farm. ok la actually we wanted to use loo >.<


next we headed to the tea garden for some tai tai's tea time moment.

we had our lunch at one of the steamboat restaurant around town area. having such a warm meal in the middle of the cold was actually a bless! we dont want to waste the food so we forced each other to finish up ALL the food. so all of us were fully loaded and in the end, we actually decided to walk to the cactus valley. lesson learnt: never pretend you have a good appetite. HAHA.

then we spotted a stall selling all fresh jagungs and cherry tomatoes. so we bargained with the tauke soh and in the end, each of us bought at least 3 packs of them! along the way, we tried their baked sweet potato and cendawan goreng too.

and our last stop was the Cactus Valley. we plucked approximately 2-3kg of strawberries here. plucking own berries is very fun indeed, even though i was kinda tired already..

so cute leh...

oo ya i forgot about the bee farm!! we had a quick walk over here probably because we were afraid of being stung. haha.

we spent quite a long hours at the Cactus valley cause there are just too much to see! and we couldnt stop taking photos! the scenery is simply breathtaking... and thank God the camera battery died just in time before we headed back home.. -__-"
the only ONE group photo. yea my boy was not with us that day. dont ask why, cause the reason is very lousy you wont want to know.

at the farm plucking our own strawberries!! and the fresh milkshake and yogurt there are the best-est!! i miss them already :(

last but not least thanks to Annie, our future-to-be tour guide. seriously she can remembers the routes even she just went there once. remember the Hatyai trip last Oct? yea she was our tour guide that time too! so nice to have a friend like that ho? cause we can probably save the cost of hiring a tour guide or wasting time go round and round at the area tee hee. so girls, when's the next destination? Phuket? Bali?


  1. I was in Bali last year Raya. There's a lot of people cos it was also a public holiday in Indonesia. Javanese, Japanese and Australians everywhere! Be wary of exchange rates. It's best you change in M'sia before going there. And if you didn't bring enough, use our Ringgit for exchange. If you change in USD or other currency, you get less. The conversion best rates are 3,000 and above. Don't go for anything less than that.
    I'll be in Phuket this Raya. So I'll post them in my blog once I get back!


  2. waileng, thanks for the infor!!
    we have been planning to go Bali some times this year. but i dont know whether the plan is 'reachable' or not. seems like everyone is having a hard time to adjust the best time.. sigh~


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